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4 Best Android Sleep Apps: Here are Some of Our Suggestion App for You Guys

Best Android Sleep Apps: Here are Some of Our Suggestion App for You Guys

We all need a good night sleep. A good night sleep in my opinion is hard to come by. Whether it’s because of work, tending your kids, insomnia or other sleep problems related to conditions like sleep apnea. According to the CDC, insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. Not getting enough can lead to trouble concentrating, remembering and even operating a vehicle. Adults need 8 hours of sleep each night, but most Americans report an average of 6 hours. The good news is plenty of mobile apps can bring a more restful night. Here are 4 mobile apps to help you sleep well and track your sleep.

1. Do Not Disturb

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If you forget to silence your phone and calls ring or notifications sound during important meetings or wakes you up at night, then this Do Not Disturb app (DND) is for you. Enable Calendar and Night mode, and forget about having to play with volume controls to silence your phone.

You spend all days being a slave to your notifications so when it’s time to shut your eyes you should shut them down. There’s a very good chance you have a utility in your phone settings to do just that, as phones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC and the rest often include a way to shut the ringer and notification volume off based on times you set. but if you don’t this is the best app for you. it let’s you easily shut all of the notification without turning off your phone.

Download : Here!

2. Deepsleep with Andrew Johnsons

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Put on your headphones and drift to sleep with this relaxing guided meditation intended to clear your mind and enable you to get deep restful sleep. Thousands of people have used Andrew Johnson’s apps on the iPhone and Android to improve and enhance their lives. Try this app to beat insomnia and get a good night’s rest.
If you’re the type who just can’t clear your head of everything when it’s time to go to bed, an app like Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson may help. Johnson is a hypnotherapist  who has released many acclaimed audio sessions to help relax your body and mind when it’s bedtime. Listen to the suggestions, follow along, and you should be relaxed in no time. this app may not work for some people. but it’s okay to try it and maybe it could work for  you. This app work well for me personally.
Download : Here!
3. Nature Sound relax and sleep

Want to relax for 10 minutes during the day at home or in office? Want to improve brain work? Or may be want to dream about beautiful nature landscapes? Increase concentration?Then choose from a list of 6 different good quality nature relaxing sounds (sounds of nature) which include thunder, ocean sounds, sea, birds sounds, rain, night in jungle, water sounds, waterfall, nature and start your personal audio therapy.

“Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep for Android is an amazing health app, allowing you to cure insomnia and increase your quality of sleep

Once your mind is clear, you need something soothing to focus on to bring on the relaxed state that will get you to sleep. Plenty of folks will tell you that the sound of crickets chirping or soft rainfall will put them to sleep, and Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep follows the same theory. Choose from a list of sound schemes and set your phone down beside your bed. Hopefully, tropical rain or bird sounds can put your mind — and your body — at rest.
Download : Here!
 4. Sleep Hypnosis

Hypnosis To Go! Hypnosis for Everything, Anytime, Anywhere!This app has an extensive Hypnosis Mini Store, which offers over 75 hypnosis sessions!

All of the sessions available on this app include Theta Wave Technology and/or Binaural Beats and Subliminal Technology. Please use HEADPHONES for best results.

It’s suggestive “self hypnosis” in an app that delivers suggestions  that help get your body into an extremely relaxed state. A night or two of trying with some comfortable headphones did seem to get me to stop thinking and It help to focus on breathing. There are dozens of other sessions available as in-app purchases, for things like anger management or fear of flying. The sleep session is free, though, so it’s worth a try.

Download : here!

Anyway, here are  some of our suggestion app for you guys insomniac. Remember, you guys need to sleep. Put down your phone and close your eyes. Thank you for reading and have a good night sleep! Please read and share this article if you like it. Thank you  for reading.

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