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Egg Car – A Simple but Not So Easy Car Game

Egg Car – A Simple but Not So Easy Car Game

Games have been around us for a long time. Although in the past, games hasn’t been using a much more advanced tools/technology like now. Although it is not up to date, it is still a fun games that can be played by everyone. The game is usually very simple and didn’t need that much of brain power to play it, but that doesn’t mean that the game is not challenging at all. Egg Car is one of those games. The game is pretty simple and easy. It can be pretty fun to play, but it is challenging.

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Embark on an EGG-ceptional journey with one important mission at hand: DON’T DROP THE EGG.
Tap the right arrow button to move forward, then hit the left arrow button to reverse.
Unlock the coolest cars as you reach certain distances, and collect coins to get the rest!

Be patient though, it’s not as easy as you think!

Egg Car, is a pretty fun and challenging games that is a perfect time waster. In this games, you are a driver for a car, that is task to get an egg with your car as far as you could. That’s all, simple right?

Just tap the arrow, left or right to move your car. However, you need to take care, because in your way, you will see bunch of hills and mounts that will be the obstacle for you. So you need to control your speed and such.

You might notice the similarity with the popular game, hill climb racing. The game is very different, in hill climb racing you only needs to watch out for your speed, and so that you won’t run out of fuel, but in egg car, your main priority is to not crash. It is a pretty fun game and you could download it for free in the Google Play Store. Check it out!

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Egg Car - Don't Drop the Egg! (Free (In App Ads))
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