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Astro File Manager – The Most Efficient and Simple App to Manage All Your Files!

Astro Fie Manager – The Most Efficient and Simple App to Manage All Your Files!


Your smartphone can be used for reading or writing an email, getting a notification from any other social media quickly, open and save picture and of course download a file from the internet. When we download a file from the internet then we need to store and organize it in phone memory or storage. Especially if you had download lots of file from the internet, it will make your folder messy and will make it hard for you to search the file that you wanted. So what could we do?

One of the thing that you could do is organizing or dividing that file into different categorize so that it will be easier to find. For that, you could use a file manager application to help you do that. One of the best file manager application that is available for download in Google Play Store and is free to get, Astro.



Enjoy the most efficient and simple way to manage your files!

ASTRO File Manager is the top File Manager to browse, organize, compress and share your files and documents across local and cloud storage spaces.

Explore all your files at your fingertips- whether on SD Card, internal memory, cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, or local networks – PC, Mac, and Linux.



There are many android devices that already have the original basic feature like copy, cut, paste and delete, but there are also some devices that needs a third party app to use that basic feature. Which is where Astro File Manager comes. The app is very popular in the android community and have been one of the first choice because of its feature and easy to use app. Using the app, you could easily copy, cut or paste one or multiple file to wherever you want.

There are also a filter feature to let you search any file easier based on its file types. You could also use this apps to install any .apk file that is located on your SD card. Even better that you could connect your file manager to any cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and many other. That way, you could easily send or saved your files from your android devices to your computer.


Another feature that you got is you could see how many files in details with its sized. You could also backup any other apps that you have in .apk files. If you have the updated version of the apps but didn’t like it at all, you could just uninstall it and install the backup .apk files.

The app is very easy to use and ca be downloaded free in the link below.

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