Oxygen Not Included Review – Make Your Colony Better to Live With, The Choices is Yours!

Oxygen Not Included Review – Make Your Colony Better to Live With, The Choices is Yours!

If you are like me, that wanted to find an interesting survive type of game, then you might like Oxygen Not Included.


Oxygen not included is made by the famous company Klei. It is the one that made Don’t starve series, another survive type game. Oxygen Not Included is an upcoming space colony survival and simulation video game developed and published by Canadian studio, Klei Entertainment, for Microsoft Windows. Now, it can now be downloaded on and can be played on Steam if you have bought the alpha.

In this game, you manage your own colony so that they won’t die. You will first get 3 inhabitants / duplicants at first to start your colony with. Like an ant, you need to dig to expand your colony. As you are digging  you will get new resource to built up your colony with. You might notice the blue gas that is around your place. Well, that is the oxygen.

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The Oxygen, will be expelled from the ore called oxylite, because it is a consumable ore, which means that it will be depleted after some times. You will need to find some other resources to make oxygen with.

Besides finding oxygen, you will also needs to pay attention to your Duplicants needs. Like, bathroom needs, Foods, and Stress Level. If you haven’t built up a toilet for your colony, then your Duplicants might started pissing themselves making them stressed. If your stress level built up to 100% you Duplicants might start rebelling and destroying everything, making a mess, and even started making a tantrum at the colony. If you didn’t have any foods, then your guys will die.

At first your might feels that it is easy to play, but after really playing it for a while. You will notice that it is not true. There are so much things going around in the games. You will need to find lots of resources as your Duplicants will continue using it. There are also some monster that will help or be a bother to your colony life.

The game is basically like another Survival type simulation games, but after playing for a while you will notice that there are so many things that is going on with it. It is like you are playing as a god and based on your decision you could make your colony worse, or better to live with. The choices is yours!

You could download the game in Steam here, STEAM – OXYGEN NOT INCLUDED