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4 Easy Tips and Tricks, Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare – It Will Help You Win The Game with 3 Stars!

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Tips and tricks

Based on our recent review of the game “Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare” and its popularity on google play, we have decided to make a game tips and tricks that can help you win the game with 3 stars. Here is the tips and tricks for you!

1. Timing is very important!


The game works as the same as any tower defense games. It summons different type of character that will help you kill the zombies while defending your bus. However defending is not that easy and sometimes to win the game we might have to sacrifice a star / either having your bus get attacked. So, timing is really important, when the zombies is running or coming to your side, send a soldier or use a barrel to kill them or even blocking their path

2. Barrel is not only used for killing!

screenshot_2017-07-13-14-26-25-78Although the use of barrel has been known, it is pretty important to emphasize it, The barrel is very important in the game. It can be used as a wall, and can be used to kill the enemies. It also used a different point to spawn. Which is why you can spawn it while spawning your soldier.

3. Rushing is also a tactics!


Plenty of you guys that have been playing the game may have wait for your water to fill up before summoning your soldier, but sometimes you can rush yourself out to kill and win the game.

4. Water Generator before everything!


Water generator can be unlocked when you have reach lvl 5, or rank 5 in the game, and you must unlocked it before anything else. It is the most important thing in the game, especially if you want to drag your game. Water generator used Rage Point to spawn and can be used almost immediately after it done cooling down.