Live Wallpaper for Android: Not Solely to Beautify the Screen

If you think that your Android phone is boring, it is not because of the version or the model of your Android. Possibly, you get bored because you don’t install live wallpaper for Android. Make your phone colorful and more interesting to see with live wallpaper.

If you don’t believe, try to get one of these most recommended live wallpapers for Android free.

1. Koi Free Live Wallpaper

Do you like with fishs? If you like fish this live wallpaper suitable for you! Watch the Koi explore their pond with this Live Wallpaper.  This design is 3D with interactive support multi touch.  Koi Live wallpaper support tablets and phones!

2. Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper

live wallpaper 2

On the other hand, Android users also like to describe what they feel or what happen around us with free live wallpaper as well instead of updating status on Facebook. Like right now, it rains all day in many areas in the world. Why don’t you set thunderstorm free live wallpaper? . It has high aesthetic value as well. It is like horrible thing but most Android users like to select this screen.

3. Panoramic Live Wallpaper

Are you having holiday? It is time to forget all about busy day, stuffs, and documents in the workplace. In addition, don’t let your Android remind you that you have a lot of works to do. Therefore, you can try to replace the old wallpaper with panoramic live wallpaper. Try to choose the bright one like blue sky, park with colorful flowers, or beautiful beach with white sand. Take a look at this live wallpaper. It is more relaxing, isn’t it?

Now, you can choose one of the live wallpaper for Android phone. Do you want more? Try to visit this site and get that you like most.

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