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Interestingly, one of the most popular applications in Android Wear categories are app stores, which are nothing but collectors applications already in Google Play. Just added publicity and poorer browsing experience, not to mention that the ranking of those stores is set low payments and not based on popularity or quality criteria. In this section, we can find Wear Store for Android Wear, Market for Android Wear or Store for Android Wear among others, but even more bizarre is that there is another subcategory within the subcategory own, which is application stores Watchfaces, ie for wallpapers of the clock. If you want you know the best apps for Android Wear, simply put your trust in your reference page, either this or any other in which you trust.

Applications Should NOT Install on Your Smartwatch Android Wear

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  • Browsers and Maps

That you have on your wrist is a watch not a complete android. Google designed a parallel with android OS for a reason and that is that a watch cannot and must pretend to be a second smartphone, it is a snap. Repeated obvious but worth emphasizing. You cannot browse the internet (internet not use Wear Browser) from a clock is slow, uncomfortable, is completely absurd, not to mention applications that currently permit are directly appalling. Android wear cannot fully function without a smartphone, then what prevents you navigate from the phone? The same way and for the same reason, a mapping is absurd in a clock (not used Mini Maps for Wear), but be careful, not to be confused with Step by Step or guidance function that already incorporates Android Wear, yes it is very useful, I mean complete applications or similar maps. Any attempt app (there are exceptions), which purports to be a carbon copy of the version of smartphones but smaller, is a mistake. I insist:

Should complement, extension, addition and to facilitate, simplify and expedite the function we want, everything else does not understand so worth one smartwatch.

  • Flee My Keyboard

Do not ever think that you can write on a watch, even the Samsung S Gear 2 “. In a watch as much be a keypad or a limited number of buttons, not a full keyboard, very intuitive and that is adapted to small screens. The clock always spoken to, and if you are not willing to talk, then you had better ever have a smartwatch.

  • Evita Task Managers

As in Android, using Task managers or Kill Apps, is counterproductive and ineffective. Only in very specific cases where the hardware not supporting the load of RAM and the system for some reason you cannot kill or manage the process, managers should use these tasks.


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