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Kairos first impressions of a Smartwatch do not renounce the beauty of mechanical watches. Now I have very clear and defined the three main streams that currently coexist in the market for smartwatch. In the first devices that do not look anything like a clock use, or attempt to seem are included; bet for most futuristic and groundbreaking designs, this is where we find products like Apple Watch or Pebble.

The second are those with complex smartwatch traditional clock, leaving the technological part and subject to the classic look “smart” is where we find LG Watch Urbane, Huawei Watch, among others. Finally, the third found the proposals of the classic brands trying to break into this market, presenting a watch to use with a minimally intelligent functions on, refer Guess Connect.

In addition, Kairos comes a smartwatch that cannot be subsumed under any of three previous currents and we can say that unveils its own category. Here already we have spoken in the past about the Kairos, a project ambitious and intelligent clock without referents. So far, all we knew about him on the role and functions that the company had shown. Now we finally have the first impressions.

Last week the Baselworld 2015, the event’s most important watchmaking world and in which the word “smartwatch” was very present among the great watchmaking firms was held. Not surprisingly, TAG Heuer officially announced plans to create its first smart watch from the hand of Google and Intel. However, let us get what we want, how do you feel the Kairos on the wrist? Is it really a smartwatch or has pretensions to be? Above all, their expectations met.

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The endless variations of Kairos

The Kairos is available in two different versions: MSW and SWW. The MSW variant uses a Japanese mechanical movement, while the SWW implement one Swiss. Indeed, the Kairos uses a mechanical automatic movement, the same, as you would find on a Rolex or TAG, which gives us a clue that is not exactly a cheap smartwatch.

These two variants are divided into 3 different collections: one does not incorporate any technological element is therefore an ordinary watch, the second has an operating system and a transparent OLED screen on the glass, and finally the third incorporates all the technology in the belt (Kairos T-Band). Finally, the version with OLED screen is divided into two options: one fully functional OLED touch screen and another based on a system of icons alerts mode.

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