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If the future implies reinvention, why should we assume that the traditional clock is the perfect way to watch? Had long wanted to write this article, so after seeing the reactions following presentations smartwatch as the LG Watch Urbane or Huawei Watch, I’ve steeled to share with you a reflection that I consider, now more than ever necessary. The question is simple: should resemble the smartwatch to watches. Really, we aspire that way.

Analysis: The Mistaken Belief That Smartwatch Should Resemble Watches

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There are few comments and reviews I have read in many corners of praising smartwatch design as the aforementioned network. Usually accompanied by a phrase like “this really looks like a real watch” or “this does have a nice design” And I wonder, why should seem a smartwatch a watch?

If we assume that, the smartwatch should resemble a clock and that should be the way forward for companies, then we are assuming one thing: the format of traditional clock that we have today is the format most perfect clock that exists. That is it. It is over. Why continue to improve something that is already perfect? Then let us just fill technology but, yes, careful, lest appear to be more than it is, what should be a simple clock.

No, because you have been able to guess that no share at all this thought, because I refuse to believe that the clocks have reached the point of refinement and perfection in which there is no possible improvement. Just as I do not think that the format of smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers and many other electronic devices around us have come to fruition. There is way to go, and that path does not have to run parallel to everything we have so far.

The smartwatch should mark a before and after comparison to the traditional clock. In addition, companies do not understand

If the thought that seems to stretch on the current market smartwatch had also been present in smartphones, probably nobody would have raised the physical keyboard replace a screen, or increase the size of the device to accommodate a larger. The evolution of telephony has been a steady and gradual phenomenon, but surely, if we compare the first and last model does not have any common link. In addition, why not worth it for the market smartwatch?

However, this development to a greater or lesser extent is present in all electronic devices around us, does not exist in the watch market. So far, watches has been a completely profane the world of technology category, and surely this fact is key to explain the reluctance of many users to give up on what they understand as a watch.

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