Apple Designer Left the Company to Create its Own Smartwatch, Olio Model One

Steve Jacobs, a leading designer of Apple, creates the Smartwatch Olio Model One. I have several reasons for wishing that Apple Watch comes once a market, the first one and most obvious is that, logically, I wanted to try for myself what can the great new product from Apple company but yet is not alone. As has happened in the past, the Apple Watch will signal the official start to the smartwatch industry, an industry that until now progressed by a slight inertia but is about to put their engines running.

Apple Designer Left the Company to Create its Own Smartwatch, Olio Model One
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Several rivals of Apple Watch on the horizon, some as Huawei or the new LG Watch Watch Urbane paint really well, although none of them have the incentive to have been created by one of the most important former Apple designers. We present the Olio Model One.

This smartwatch belongs to the company Olio, created by and is CEO Steve Jacobs, an important ex-designer of Apple and many other companies like Google, Beats by Dr. Dre, HP or Amazon. With this curriculum, will certainly be interesting to see what offers this new smartwatch. Furthermore, Olio are also working designers and engineers from NASA, Pixar and Movado.

The Olio Model One design is elegant and refined equally, perhaps too influenced by models of other watch brands such as Swatch, although no one has said that’s a negative. The sphere is entirely made of stainless steel and available in two versions: black and silver. But let’s get to what we really want, what offers the “smart” part of this watch?

The operating system of Olio Model One is also based on the chronological organization of information

Here you have the most important features of the operating system of this smartwatch:

Dynamic Views: Olio The interface displays the busiest parts of your day and to create dynamic watchfaces that are unique to you.

Timelines: Get the right information at the right time, with notifications and information that is organized into two simple and intuitive timelines: before and after.

Assistant Olio: A staff assists in context and understand your personal preferences to provide useful and actionable suggestions.

Smart Actions: You can reject or respond content with a simple slide, and even accounts with Olio assistant to remind you answer a call or message later.

Hub Control: Controlling third-party products such as thermostats, lights, locks, car speakers and services such as payments, directions and music without having to search or remove your phone.

Multi-platform: Olio is an independent brand and provides the freedom to connect both Android and Apple phones as well as a wide range of hardware products.

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