The First Image of the Second Generation Moto 360 Leaked on Weibo

It takes time with us and have already heard several rumors that the American company is working on the second generation of this clever watch. It is clear that this year is the year where we see many advertisements and presentations of these devices by different manufacturers of mobile technology.

The First Image of the Second Generation Moto 360 Leaked on Weibo
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If a few days ago we saw the first signs of the new generation of intelligent watch Motorola, the Moto 360, now we see the first image of course Android Wear the American manufacturer has prepared to hit the market this year.

The Moto 360 love nothing more we see the first images so it is not surprising that its second generation follow the same design as its predecessor. If we ignore the filtered from Chinese Weibo social network image, we realize that actually the American company remains true to his first round design Moto 360.

In the picture we can see how the round box smartwatch is metallic, with a thickness which at first glance appears to be the same as the first version. There are also two new features that stand out in the picture, the first of which is that the screen resolution 360 x 360 pixels is totally complete, leaving the bottom bar so upset the first Moto 360. On the other hand we see that the straps are joined on round watch case, much like the Apple Watch. Otherwise we see in this filtered image as the button is thinner and more closely resembles a wheel of a normal watch.

We just have more information on the future Motorola device and fortunately or unfortunately the leaks you can discuss some of the future developments that will bring the device, but provided this information must take it with tweezers as it is not an official information and could be the case that it was a fake. We crossed our fingers that this second generation of Moto 360 is true as we like to let the new design of this Android Wear.

We do not know when it will be officially presented and when will be released, but we bet that your presentation will be weeks before or during the Google i / o 2015 and its release in mid-year. For now we will have to wait to know whether or not we succeed. And you, what do you think the second generation of Moto 360?

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