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Apple Watch’s Swiss Debut Delayed by Patent Until End of Year

Apple Watch can not reach Switzerland, at least for now. It seems that Apple will have to wait to compete face to face with the centennial and luxurious Swiss watch industry. Apple Watch launch will be delayed in the country since the company Leonard Timepieces is assured thanks to a Competent exclusive use of the apple logo and the Apple name associated with a watch until December 5, 2015.

A Patent May Delay the Arrival of Apple Watch Switzerland Until End of Year
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This patent belongs to Mr. William Longe, owner of the watch brand Leonard, and basically prohibits use the image of an Apple, not the marker to launch a Swiss watch. The reason for this prohibition seemingly absurd? We do not know, but the extracted document Intellectual Property Institute of Switzerland’s well established limitation.

We do not know if this will finally launch the Apple Watch prevent Swiss short term, the patent expires on December 5, so that in the worst case the Cupertino would have to wait for the end of year to launch his watch home cradle of watchmaking. Pretty ironic, right?

Apple prepares for the imminent launch of its smartwatch next April 24, when it will land in 9 countries: United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, China, UK, Germany and France. Reservations can be made from 10 April and times that the deadline will open have recently been confirmed by Apple through an update to its Online Store.

The Patene prohibiting use the image of an apple to sell watches in Switzerland expire on December 5

There is great excitement about the sales you could get the Apple Watch during its first weekend, although some analysts as Gene Munster are already ahead and predict 1 million units sold in the first weekend and 2.3 million for the month of June, when smartwatch expected to be available in more countries.It’s possible a similar deal could take place here, especially if Apple doesn’t see delaying its Apple Watch launch in Switzerland as a viable option. Bearing in mind that nobody would be surprised to see Apple come to a deal with Leonard Timepieces, we wouldn’t write a Swiss Apple Watch launch in 2015 off completely. This is Apple, after all.

As we read in Redmondpie, still unknown when it might land the smart watch apple in our lands, while taking into account the time of previous releases, it is very possible that we have it in late May or early June. What do you think? When the Apple Watch might reach?

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