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Android Wear introduce some similar to the Apple Watch features in its next update. Google is already planning the next major update of Android Wear after version 5.1 introduced some great features like native WiFi support, gesture controls, introduction of emojis through drawing on the screen, among other innovations that you can uncover in this post. Now, as has been Phandroid know the environment, Google is already preparing another major update will add some features that will be familiar to users of Apple Watch

Among its innovations is the ability to send power emojis animated doodles and our friends, as well as interactive watchfaces that might have information on the screen and several customization options. “The next update of Google Android Wear plans to bring one-touch gestures for the most prominent user interface on your SmartWatch and launch a new communication method to clock watch” write from Phandroid.

Like most smart watches, Android Wear is controlled via gesture controls: swipe up to see notifications, down to access quick settings, to the left to open the launcher apps, and hold to switch between watchfaces. However, there is still a gesture that does not use Android Wear: the touch.

Google plans to use this simple gesture to new interactive watchfaces, something very similar to what we have right now in the Apple Watch. In this way, the spheres will be able to show small widgets of information or “complications” in real time, and users can click on them to access the particular application.

Spheres of Android Wear will become interactive and incorporate their own “complications”

Google already have begun to contact Android Wear developers to begin work on watchfaces that support this new functionality. Thus, when the update is available we can find a new section in the Play Store with interactive areas for our SmartWatch.

However, this is not the only novelty that we find in the next major update of Android Wear, as the company is also working on a new messaging system called “Together”. This system will allow you to send messages directly to watchface of our friends in different ways: doodles, photos, emoji, stickers or text. As indicated in Cult of Android, all that grates a bit of this feature is that it seems to be limited to a single watchface right now, so developers should update their own to make them compatible.

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