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An Wareable website, that collects existing technology patents have recently issued a new patent that Samsung have successfully requested. This patent Samsung affects smartwatches rather the screens of these devices according to this patent may seek the face of the owner to show better. This function in smartwatches is something unusual and rare but both interesting and that in seeking the face of the owner would make the screen could be better.

At the moment this is only a patent, one of many that Samsung has but certainly very interesting, but as many say it is something impossible. Currently one of the biggest problems is the autonomy smartwatches clock, this would be compromised if Samsung Inserting the technology of this patent and that energy consumption would be high.

Screen Patent Samsung be useful for the user but not for the batteries

However, if the problem of the battery could remedy could be facing an interesting skill that greatly improved the smarwatches, not only by better see the screen but also because the move, this screen may increase in size as they once did the phone type slide.

I personally believe that this new patent of Samsung will not see in the coming months or in the next few years.  The idea, I get is that Samsung has taken this patent case someone wants to use this new feature, that is, it would be a patent troll , a patent is only to charge the other in case of use. I believe this because we do not know anything about a new device that can use or future plans by Samsung.

Part of the patent notes describes a feature where “instead of a gesture, the user may enable the display to be automatically moved by a voice command”. We already talk to our watches to set alarms, take notes and respond to messages, so this feature could be useful, maybe.

It’s always good to see companies playing with the boundaries of what’s deemed normal in the tech world. Unfortunately, although this could be useful, we can’t image it working very well in real life scenarios. The time and money could be better spent on improving the viewing angles of convention smartwatch screens.

Not long ago Samsung did something about pdf’s files but after it was talked about the Samsung Galaxy Note in May and it seems that in a few weeks, we will see up and running, but a new SmartWatch has not said anything or maybe if you are preparing one?

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