How To Using the Maps on Apple Watch

How To Using the Maps on Apple Watch

Apple Watch may still need a good coat of paint to your software, but the smart watch apple offers and incredibly useful and well implemented functions, and perhaps the pinnacle of all at this time are the maps and the ingenious system to offer directions to hit haptic touch on our wrist. If you have not yet used your Apple Watch Maps or want to know how they work, this is the tutorial you’re looking for. Then we offer a tour of the basic functions of Maps on Apple Watch, including the Tour that includes the application itself, culminating in the different methods that we have to get directions directly from the watch. We started.


The Maps application on Apple Watch has its own Glance to be included by default with the initials first met after setting our clock. The Glance is simple at the same time limited, as only show us our current location and businesses and attractions we have around. We can make zoom the view, and if you click on the map will lead directly to the app.

Basic functions of the Maps app

If for some reason we were not located on the map, you can click on the arrow icon in the lower left corner to show our location. Turning the Digital Crown in either direction can zoom in or out of sight, which will give us a more general or detailed the place where we find vision. You can also zoom the view by double tap on a specific place on the screen.

If you click on any of the attractions that shows the map accede to an extended information about it. For example, if this is a business we see the opening and closing driving directions from the place where we walk or drive or score for users Yelp!

As in the version of iOS we can also make a pin a specific place to store a location, so we’ll just keep your finger on the place where we want to leave. If you see that pin may not appear you may have to zoom in for more detailed view of the street or place that you want to leave.

From the Apple Watch

  1. The first thing to do is enter the address in our Apple Watch. We can do this in two ways: leaving a marker on the particular location as explained in the previous section or using Siri.
  2. If we decide to use the PIN method, we seek specific location on the map and left our finger on it until we pin appears.
  3. Click on the button and choose how we want to get there.
  4. If we decide to use Siri to enter the address, we perform one-touch Force Touch on the map and select “Search”.
  5. Select “Dictation” to dictate the direction you want to go. In the event that we detect several of them, you can click on each for more information and make sure that is correct.

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