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Apple Music image via

Apple Music image via

Apple Music Apps for Android Will Soon Released

Earlier this year, there was rumored that Apple Music app will be available for Android users in the Google Play Store. This is the second application made by Apple for Android users.

Apple Music is a music player application which is generally only available on iOS. But early last year, Apple announced that Apple Music will start to be given to the users of Android. Apple will enter the Apple Music to Google Play Store, some Android users welcomed the news. This application is the second apps that Apple made for Android, where the first application is an application that helps Android users to switch to iOS.

Apple had revealed it will release in the fall of 2015. Some Android users are said to have received a beta version of Apple Music.

Titan Technology said that some of the users of Android just received Apple Music beta version, Titan is a third party company that set the trial on the application.

One of the big differences between the iOS version and Android is in the free trial period. iOS users can use Apple Music free for three months, while the Android customers do not get it.

Apple charge US $ 9.99 per month for each user. There is also a family package for US $ 14.99 that can be used up to six people.

The subscription price for the streaming music application did not differ in both operating systems.

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