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record games by google play games

record games by google play games

Currently, the gameplay video on YouTube is popular and watched by many people. For those of you who do not like to play games must be feeling confused by this phenomenon. Why do many people like to look at the video game record? In fact, the gameplay video maker has the number of spectators and customers are quite a lot, it clearly shows that many people are interest to see this content. This phenomena makes this gameplay video eventually became popular. Youtube directly also provide streaming games can be played via the Android device. After knowing the enthusiasm is so high on the public to see the gameplay video, now Google Play Games can record gameplay on Android devices that belong to us alone. Google claims that the new features can be enjoyed by users of android is able to record footage from every game being played on the Android device directly.

This new feature gives flexibility to the users to add sound and comment on the games they play. Additionally, you can also share a video game that has been recorded through various social media. To be able to record, users need to open the Google Play Games and select the game you want to record. After that, you just choose a video resolution recording at 720p or 480p level.

The front camera can be activated when you want your face looks when commenting on the game that is being recorded. Not only that, this application also gives the option for users to edit the video. Such as trim video duration or tune, before the video was uploaded via social media.

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Then, the question is exactly what the difference is this application by Youtube Gaming?
Answer: The two features of this application is almost the same. However, when using the Google Play Games, you do not need live streaming. But, still, you can share it on Youtube. So the difference is only in the course of live streaming on Youtube Gaming. Thus, this feature makes the Play Games apps is the default application on most Android phones to be much more useful for its users. Therefore, this new feature can encourage many mobile gamers to Play Game open applications more often. For a while this new feature will be available in the United States and Britain the next few days, and will soon arrive in other regions.


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