Apple Prepare Indoor Mapping Applications The Indoor Survey App

Indoor Survey App
Indoor Survey App

Typically, mapping applications created for outdoor areas only. During this time, we thought that opening the indoor mapping applications is impossible. However, Apple is trying to make things real. In the iTunes App Store, found by a developer named Steve Troughton Smith, Apple has a hidden application called “Indoor Survey App.”

An explanation on Indoor Survey App is, “By placing a ‘point’ on the map, which will show your position in the room. In addition, Indoor Survey App will also measure the radio frequency (RF) signal data and combine it with the sensor data iPhone. The end result are you going to get a position in the room, without the need to install any special hardware. “

Apple wants to show that Apple can create a mapping solution in the room. Indoor Applications Survey App can be used separately with the Maps application. You can also use the Indoor Survey App to improve the Maps application. However, Apple still has not provided information related to this App Survey Indoor applications. Latest News obtained a source revealed that Apple is preparing a special indoor mapping applications for the iPhone consumers.

These applications have appeared in the App Store since yesterday, but still can not be used. You can only access it via the direct link, while a search via the search field not yet be used. The information contained in the application Indoor Survey App, that application Indoor Survey App allows users to keep track of its position in a room by using radio frequency signals and sensors inside the iPhone.

Indoor Survey App is probably the fruit of indoor mapping technology owned WiFiSLAM which was acquired by Apple in 2013. WiFiSLAM technology can analyze and track the radio frequency signals from a number of WiFi access points to determine the user’s position with reasonable accuracy. Apple has been quietly giving instructions on application development plans Indoor Survey App. It can be seen from the Core Location features are only available to developers. Apple Maps page via a developer account also offers programming code named Footprint. Footprint application developers can utilize to convert a Geographic coordinate system, such as longitude or Cross line.

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