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There is a good news from Gearbest for you as customers or you who like the online shop. After the success of the events of Black Friday 2015, Gearbest continues with Cyber Monday 2015 event. In the event of Cyber Monday, Gearbest provides a second chance for those who have not been able to enjoy Black Friday shopping during the event. Of course, this time Gearbest provides better service to its customers. Not only give discounts on the smartphone or the smartwatch categories but this time Gearbest also give discounts for categories of goods Outdoors, Toys and Hobby, Tablets, networkings, Electronics, Watches, Automotive, Tools, Home and Garden, phones accessories, men’s Clothing. What is your opinion? Are you interested in buying goods in the event of Cyber Monday 2015? Here we will explain about the Cyber Monday 2015 event organized by Gearbest.

About Cyber Monday 2015

Actually, Cyber Monday is a continuation of the events of Black Friday. We all know that the events of Black Friday and Cyber Monday organized by Gearbest. Gearbest gives slogans “Extreme Saving Cyber Monday 2015” for Cyber Monday event. In accordance with slogan Cyber Monday event, that through Cyber Monday Gearbest event will provide a more attractive price discounts to customers. Not just limited to certain categories, but Cyber Monday to offering rebates that cover many categories of goods. As we have mentioned in the initial paragraph of this news, that Cyber Monday is more extreme in providing discounts to its customers. We can say that the Cyber Monday event has an Extreme Mode. Because Gearbest through Cyber Monday event provides discounts for the largest categories of things that they sell.

When Cyber Monday Performed?

Because Cyber Monday is a continuation of the events of Black Friday, then Cyber Monday will be held on November 30, 2015. Unlike Black Friday event which lasted for two days, Cyber Monday will only available on November 30. So if you do not want to miss the opportunity to get special discount on Cyber Monday event, make sure that you immediately visit the official website of Gearbest for the complete information.

Get Your Cyber Monday Coupon and Join Our Lucky Draw Event

Finally, what are you waiting for? You need to Immediately select the thing that you want to buy at the event Cyber Monday to Get Your Cyber Monday Coupon and Join Our Lucky Draw Event. Through this event, you will get a special price for an item with a coupon code. You must remember to obtain a coupon code to get discounts on Cyber Monday event. Not much different from the current purchase method Black Friday event. Hope you lucky this time. Here are a few links that you can go directly to purchase goods on Cyber Monday event.

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