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samsung gear s2 battery life

Samsung Gear S2 Battery Life

As we all know that Samsung Gear S2 is available in three versions, namely Gear S2 Standard, Gear S2 Classic, and Gear S2 3G. All types of Samsung Gear comes with the each characteristic. Now we will discuss about the Samsung Gear S2 Battery Life. Well, lets we started.

Samsung Gear S2 Standard and Samsung Gear S2 Classic comes with the same battery capacity of 250 mAh. While Samsung Gear S2 3G comes with a battery capacity of 300 mAh. Why? The strongest reason is Samsung Gear S2 3G version comes with e-SIM facility and a speaker to make calls. So it’s natural to the 3G version comes with the battery capacity that is 20 percent larger than Samsung Gear S2 standard and Samsung Gear S2 Classic version.

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The battery life of Samsung Gear S2?

Samsung said that the battery capacity of 250 mAh, The gear will last for 2 days, that is mean about 48 hours of use with normal use. According to the information, I get from Androidpit that the Gear only lasted for 33 hours. The battery life forecasts from the Samsung might not correspond to reality. It can be caused by environmental temperature, abnormal use or overuse, including the Internet network can also affect.

How to extend Samsung Gear S2 Battery Life?

The first thing you need to do to make the Gear S2 battery last longer is you need to use a dark color screen. Then you also need to reduce the light intensity on the screen. That’s the information I get on when you do 2 things above you will get your Gear S2 battery life for 48 hours with constant Bluetooth connectivity.

The conclusions that we can get about Battery Life of Samsung Gear S2 are:
, you need to set the background color of the display on the darker side, Second, you need to reduce the intensity of the backlight display on Samsung Gear S2. Both methods can effectively conserve battery power on your favourite smartwatch.

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Samsung Gear S2 Battery Life

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