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Huawei Watch Heart Rate Monitor: Review and Easy Tips

Huawei Watch Heart Rate Monitor: Review and Easy Tips

Huawei Watch Heart Rate Monitor: Review and Easy Tips

As the name implies, it is a wearable gadgets in form of a watch. Huawei Watch looks very different from Apple Watch. The circle shape and a diverse choice of strap is a notable difference.

Huawei claims this smartwatch is denser than other smartwatch. With a diameter of 42 mm, this watch looks a little small. In addition, the thickness of the smartwatch is also only 11.3 mm. Although claimed to be very dense and small, Huawei equip this smartwatch with scratch-resistant glass. It is made from sapphire crystal. The body protecting is also made of stainless steel. It is light and not easily corroded.

Huawei Watch is equipped with a Qualcomm processor with a power of 1.2 GHz. This Watch is also complete with a capacity of 512 MB RAM with 4GB of storage. It also enhanced by a charming display. With a 1.4-inch AMOLED display. It has 400 x 400 pixels with a density of up to 286 ppi. This view is one of the highest for Android Wear device.

After knowing The Smartwatch in terms of design and specifications, let’s discuss one of its features. We will discuss The Huawei Watch heart rate monitor.

As we read of, the accuracy of heart rate monitor on Huawei Watch is very good. The heart rate monitor is only very slightly different with the heart rate monitor sensors on the treadmill. At the time of the test, The watch show 111, while sensors on the treadmill showed the 109 bpm to 111.

Huawei Watch heart rate monitor

With the heart rate monitor, you can measure the pulse and then send it to your favorite applications. Such as: Google Fit, Map My Fitness, Map My Run, etc. With this watch, Google Fit can track your steps, distance and calories burned. What is unique is there will be some sort of “warning” or “congratulations” when you are able to achieve your goal. This is very interesting !

Below we also provide simple tips using Huawei Watch Heart Rate Monitor while exercising

Normal pulse rate is 60-90 beats per minute times. If you are aged 20 years, the pulse rate during exercise should not exceed 160 beats per minute. First count pulse before exercising so as not to have a heart attack. There is a formulation of how to calculate the pulse rate per minute. In the resting state, the normal person has 60-90 times the beats per minute. But usually people have 72 times beats per minute.

To know the pulse, the formula when exercising: 220 minus(-) age in years were the result is 100 percent of the heart rate.

For the heart of an active sport: 60 percent to 80 percent. For example at the age of 20 years, 60 percent x 200 is equal to 120 times the beats per minute. And the upper limit is 80 percent x 200 is equal to 160 times per minute.

If a person is exercising, but his heart rate is less than 120, it means that the people exercise is futile. Because it is not enough to put pressure on the heart. If more than 180, it is will risk for heart. The sport can be like a double-edged knife. The sport is good for health but like double-edged knife. It could endanger a person’s life.

Before and after exercise do not forget to check your heart rate. Besides doing the heating and cooling properly.

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