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Apple Watch Problem: Music Sync Pending Issues

Apple Watch Problem: Music Sync Pending Issues

Apple Watch Problem: Music Sync Pending Issues

Watch Apple is a gadget in the form of smartwatch. The smartwatch use the WatchOS operating system. This watch will be the perfect companion for your beloved iPhone. To be able to operate Apple Watch in full, you must be connected to the iPhone. For example, if you want to receive and make phone calls. Connecting the Watch is easy enough. You can using the Bluetooth Low Energy or Wi-Fi connection.

After being sold to the market, many consumers give a positive response. However, there are users that complained about their Apple Watch condition. Many things that complaints by users of Apple Watch, ranging from components that are not perfect conditions to the performance that under certain conditions.

Music sync pending issues at Apple Watch

After reading many sources on the internet, we found some problems in this smartwatch. One of them is the music sync pending. One of the user that experience this problem is Victor In Munich (id at apple discussion). He complained, his watch can not play music. The problem occurs when the synchronization process runs. Although in wait for hours the sync process is not completed.

Are you having the same problem with Victor? We provide some solutions that you can try.

1. Plug the Apple Watch charger when you perform the music playlists sync process. Some users succeed with this simple way.

2. The second way, disconnect the watch from the charger then press the power down at the watch – switch it on. Put it on the charger – it should start to sync. Sync is a slow process.

3. If the above unsuccessful. Try a third way. Unpair the Watch from the iPhone and then restore the Watch from a previous back-up. Supposedly, the playlists started to slowly organize. A few minutes later the process is complete (100% matching with your Phone). I think unpairing and restoring is the solution.

Don’t forget, before sync, first check the size of your playlist. Adjust in the settings (change the storage limit options).

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