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How to Choose The Best Exhaust Sy

Before learning how to choose the best-exhausted pipe, we should know first about the exhaust system. First of all, the machine received oxygen and fuel at the same time. At this rate, machine is able to generate power. It causes small explosion. Then it releases combustion. This combustion provides energy needed to turn your wheel.

Each explosion happen creates waste gas which is CO2. Exhausted pipe functions to eliminate this dangerous gas as effective as possible. Therefore, choosing the best-exhausted pipe must be the effective pipe which is able to eliminate the toxic gas. Furthermore, the size must fit with your car.

Exhaust Manifolds/Headers Consideration

exhaust manifolds

In your exhausted pipe header, there is a manifolds. This is a high-cost metal which can absorb toxic gas. Moereover, it makes the output of the waste gas does not have any color. Even though the manifolds placed deep of the car, it is important to check it regularly. It is because the best fit exhausted will never been useful without working manifolds.

It is important to connect the exhaust piping system with perfect manifolds. They do not only make output is clearer but also it can measure the gas output volume correctly.

Catalytic Converters

catalytic converters

This is the second filter after manifolds. It functions as a catalyzer of those toxic gas. The toxic gas is actually still toxic if they lose from the second filter of catalytic converter. It gives chemical reaction which change the carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc becomes oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor. It cleans up the output significantly. Then, it will increase the safety of the gas output.

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Cat Back Exhaust Systems

After discussing about the filter, there is another part must be set after the catalyst. This Cat Back system. It absorbs all of the filtered gas in one place before it is out. It works as a bank of those gases. The effectiveness of cat back system results to the gas output without any noise.


If your exhaust system ends up with catalyst before the tail, it will sound noisy. It is far from elegant voice. Therefore, it is very important to choose the suitable muffler. It amplifies the tune to be softer and become better. It will give you better resonation and slow tune.

Tail Pipes & Exhaust Tips

The tail pipe and tip make up the last section of your exhaust system. Even this far away from the engine, the diameter and bend of your tail pipe can affect how well your vehicle gets rid of exhaust gas.
Instead of just having a metal pipe sticking out the rear of the vehicle, many tailpipes are fitted with an exhaust tip. Exhaust tips are generally made from high-quality steel and come in a bright, polished chrome finish for head-turning looks. Our tips are available in a wide range of designs and shapes including angle-cut and triangular, and can have straight or rolled edges. Chrome exhaust tips are usually a wider diameter than the tail pipe, which gives one last reduction in pressure for improved flow and adds a nice look to your vehicle’s rear end.

Choose The Best Exhaust

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