iPhone 6S Hotspot: 6 Step to Fix The Hotspot Share Problem

iPhone 6S Hotspot

iPhone 6S Hotspot : 6 Step to Fix The Hotspot Share Problem

Now, we are talking about the iPhone 6S hotspot. The iPhone 6S has a hotspot feature, this feature allows you to share your iPhone’s internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi. Then, how to use your iPhone as a personal hotspot? Let’s try to share the iPhone 6S mobile data using personal hotspot with your computer, mac, or iPad. However, the are many report that there a problem with the iPhone 6S hotspot. Many peoples say that the iPhone 6S personal hotspot is not working well. They can not connect the personal hotspot from iPhone 6S. That is mean, you can not share the iPhone 6S mobile data. How to fix your iPhone 6S hotspot problem?

Here the steps to fix the iPhone 6S hotspot problem:

Step 1: You need to make sure erase or “forget” the saved wifi connection that belongs to the iPhone.
Step 2: After you have completed that, take your iPhone 6S then, you need to try the hotspot with and perform a Reset Network Settings (Important note: This action will erase saved wifi passwords on your iPhone, thus you need to remember to reconnect the wifi after this).
Step 3: you need to go to Settings, then General and then tap on the Reset
Step 4: you need to Select Reset Network Settings
Step 5: Then you also need to go into Settings, then Cellular, and after that the Personal Hotspot. You also need to change the WiFi password
Step 6: Turn iPhone 6S Personal Hotspot ON
Step 7: Then connect to the “iPhone” internet connection on the device you’re trying to connect from and enter the new password you configured
Step 8: If the issue persists, try sharing your iPhone’s internet connection by plugging the iPhone directly into your computer, you’re trying to connect, then turning Personal Hotspot ON

Well, as we know that like usual the new software always has a problem. Not even that happens, by Apple as a big company in the world. If you are not to fix the iPhone 6S hotspot, then you might be a new way, need to Hard Reset your iPhone 6S. In others words, this is like a refresh system. Thank you.

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