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iPhone 6S 3D Touch Not Working

iPhone 6S 3D Touch Not Working : 7 Easy Step to Fix The Problem

Hola 😉 dear, now we want to talk a topic about iPhone 6S 3D Touch Not Working. The 3D Touch feature is one of the momentous features that launched by Apple for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The 3D Touch give you a new way to perform a lot of operations in your iPhone (iPhone 6S and 6S Plus). Okay, now let’s focus for the iPhone 6S. The 3D Touch is a new feature for iPhone 6S. A lot of iPhone users are confused about how to fix or use this feature. There are many reports from the iPhone 6S users that the 3D Touch feature is not working on the iPhone 6S. Then, how to fix 3D Touch if it is not working in iPhone 6S? Here we go.

The 3D Touch Feature is Not For All Apps:
You need to understand that 3D Touch feature does not work for all the apps on the iPhone 6S. The 3D Touch feature was made only for selected apps.

After you understand that the 3D touch is only for selected apps, then now we are going to fix the problem of 3D touch on iPhone 6S:

Step 1: Press Harder
The difference between the normal touch and the 3D touch is at the physical metrics that are a concern for the intensity of touch. Thus, you can try to press harder to test the pressure sensor, then the 3D touch will working in good.

If the step 1 not worked, you can trough by following the step 2.

Step 2: Change the Settings your iPhone

You need tweak the 3D touch settings to fix 3D Touch problems in iPhone 6S. Try to adjust the sensitivity threshold for the 3D touch. You can go by this way:

Go to the Settings, then open the “General” tab. After that you can go to the “Accessibility” and you can move to the “3D Touch” section.

Note: Make sure that the toggle button for 3D touch feature is ON, then you can try to change the 3D touch sensitivity to options like Firm, Medium, and Light.

Step 3: Install All Updates for iPhone 6S

You should have all the latest updates installed on your iPhone 6S.
You can go by this way to check for updates: Go to Settings->General-> Software Update. Make sure that you have a good internet connection to install the latest update.

Step 4: Remove Protector of iPhone 6S
Many screen protectors of iPhone 6S can make a problem with the touchscreen problems. Thus, you need to remove the screen protector on your iPhone 6S.

Step 5: Clean the iPhone 6S Screen
You need to make sure that your iPhone 6S screen is devoid of any oil or dust particles. The iPhone will not register a touch when the screen is full of oil or dust particles. Thus, you can try to clean the iPhone 6S screen by using a tissue paper and then try using the 3D touch.

Step 6: Reset All Settings on your iPhone 6S

Another way that you can try to fix the 3D touch feature that not working in iPhone 6S is to reset all the settings. By resetting all the settings back to default may fix the problem. You can reset the settings on the iPhone 6S by following these steps: Launch the Settings menu in your iPhone 6S. Then, Go to the General tab and head to the “Reset” option. The last, you tap “Reset All Settings” option.

Step 7: Reset the iPhone 6S
The last thing that you can do to fix the problem 3D touch in iPhone 6S is reset the iPhone. Resetting your iPhone is another way in case trying to fix the problem on iPhone 6S including the 3D touch feature problem. You can press and hold the Power Button and the Home button together, then you need to wait until the black screen with white Apple logo raise on the iPhone 6 screen.

That is all about the steps to fix 3D Touch not working in iPhone 6S. If have got nothing after you have done doing the steps carefully, then you need to contact the Apple support. Thanks for coming.

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