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Volvo XC90 and Toyota Highlander is the big-class SUV. Competing at the same class. Those cars bring similar aspects in terms of concepts. However, there is still significant and detail differences between both of them. At the first glance, you will see that Volvo looks boxy whether Toyota highlander has softer edge. Here is the complete comparison between them:

highlander tailvolvo tail








Exterior Design

In this aspect, we can clearly see the difference. The boxy look owned by Volvo CX90. For the details, Volvo brings wide-range light headlamp on the front side and melting style tail lamp on the behind. This style remains us to the previous honda CR-V 2012. However, the boxy style looks like the old Nissan X-Trail. This shape symbolize the power of crossing any landscape track as well as the usual road in city.

In another side, Toyota Highlander offers the similar body style like Pajero Sport in 2014. In this case, the uni-body headlamp covers the front  side and the elegance tail light behind is located a bit higher than average SUV. This style makes Toyota Highlander enhance the elegance look more than the rocky style offered Volvo CX90.

Interrior Design

The design in the outside brings the effect inside those car. Boxy style adopted by Volvo seems like possessed the interior as well. You can look at the steering wheel which has square shape in the center and surrounded by some square navigation buttons. In Volvo, the dashboard level looks higher than Highlander. It is since Volvo has the vertical touchscreen there. The LCD touchscreen functions both for entertainment and for direct GPS facility. However, the shape of vertical is unusual, yet so innovative. The air conditioner also looks wider than highlander.

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Competing Volvo, Highlander introduce the space look dashboard. It is completely different with Volvo which emphasized the feel of modern-classic concept.  White finishing completed with the durable seat is perfectly put inside. Perhaps, the dashboard look is not as clean as Volvo, but still remains the elegance look. It appears from the blue stip light comes from the radio station, speedometer, and GPS.

highlander interior volvo interior








Specs and Performances

The specs and performance of both car is not so different since they play at the same class. As the example, Both of them has the same power saving which has 22 mpg. The range of mileage run is almost the same. Volvo XC90 has 480 miles run and Highlander achieve the maximum number of 470 miles.

However, there is a difference here. The machine of both cars has created difference horsepower. 303 HP for Volvo XC90 versus 185 HP at Highlander. That is why, Volvo has better stability and acceleration speed. It helps you to fight against difficult and rocky track. In another side, lower horse power engine makes the Highlander comes lighter and able to compete Volvo at the muddy area. This is the conclusion we’ve got from off-road capabilities. What about in usual highway? they perform just the same.

The other differences are on the driving system. It seems like Volvo XC90 is superb than Highlander here. Volvo has planted All Wheel Drive System in this car. The condition comes better with the 8-speed automatic driving. in Highlander, it is only completed with Four Wheel Drive system with 6-speed transition in automatic handling.

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Features and Other Plus Points

The features are quite the same of both car. However, Volvo seems to bring more plus point in terms of quality than Highlander. In safety aspect, Volvo is equipped with Accident Avoidance System. This system will give us a lane warning when the car is getting closer with some objects that may potentially crashed. At the same class, Highlander is not completed with this warning, yet completed with the standard air bags.

Volvo CX90 also completed with the seat memory features and power seat, In another hand, remote start is the popular feature in Highlander. Those features are quite entertaining for both cars. They also have the similar connectivity in Bluetooth. Unfortunately, Highlander has no Call Connectivity using Satelite Communication as its feature. This feature allows the user to communicate the car to satellite. It purposes to get better frequency for TV entertainment and radio audio.

Prices and Conclusion 

The price difference of both car is quite big. It is said that Volvo XC90 has almost $20K more expensive than the Highlander. It has the price of $49.825 while Highlander only labeled with $30.665. This price is actually brings different expectation as well.

If yo are the one with limited budget and want to buy the large sport-SUV, then Highlander must suit your expectation. It has ellegant look and comes with standard features. However, if you are looking for better class. It is the time for Volvo XC90. It has better machine completed with higher horse power. Better acceleration and more completed feature also offered here. However, the choice is still yours. Which one is better in your sight?

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