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Nexus 6P: The 5 Problems and How to Fix It

Nexus 6P: 5 Problems and How to Fix It

Welcome back to Roonby. I have read some question about the Nexus 6P Problems in many online forums. Then, we may need to talk about the problems. Here the Nexus 6P Problems that I know so far.

1. The Yellow Screen Problem
There are a few reports that Nexus 6P has a yellow hue. As we know that Google made a lot of tweaks to the color balance to give it a warmer natural look. Thus, that yellow hue should not be a problem issue. However, if the owners feel really bad about that case, they can adjust the colors setting. Here the Steps to fix the yellow problem on the Nexus 6P:

Step 1: Go into Settings
Step 2: Then, About phone
Step 3: After that, Scroll to the bottom
Step 4: Tap “build number” 6-7 times ( this to unlock the hidden developer options menu).
Step 5: In the developer options menu under settings about 6-7 lines down is an option to change the Picture color mode.
Step 6: Finally, you have to choose best picture color mode on the 6P.

Nexus 6P Problems
Nexus 6P Problems

The AMOLED screens are bright, vibrant, and also has rich in color. Changing the setting into sRGB will tone down the colors. However, if you still felt really bad about the yellow screen, then you can head to the Google Store and request a replacement for your Nexus.

2. Can’t Recharging from a PC
The Android Marshmallow and the USB Type-C on the Nexus 6P are causing the users confuse when they have plugged the phone into a computer. The USB Type-C is powerful, in fact. At the same time, if your Nexus phone doesn’t always recharge when plugged in.

Here the steps to fix:

Step 1: First, Pull down from the top of Nexus 6P
Step 2: Then, Look for USB for charging ( please Touch for more options then click it)
Step 3: After that, You now will see a list showing: Charging only, Transfer files (MTP), Transfer photos (PTP) and MIDI
Step 4: Finally, you can Select charge only. Congratulations, you have fixed the problem.

3. The Nexus 6P in-car Bluetooth feature bugs
There is a report of Android Marshmallow bug that affects some Nexus 6P devices. It manifests in multiple ways like outgoing calls (may be failed), or the Bluetooth connection (drop) and leave you with the call on your Nexus and music on your car radio. However, the bug is being tracked by Google. That should be fixed in a forthcoming update on the Nexus 6P.

4. The Music Stopping Problem (for no reason)
This problem is usually the fault of the Google Now. Whose hot-word detection means when it is listening for your voice, I mean in case issue a command on the Nexus 6P. Then, how to fix this problem? You can turn off the feature in Google Now settings screen to fix this problem.

5. The bending like a banana
There are photos that showing the Nexus 6P bent like a banana in November from the internet. This is was the same kind of a scandal, then we must think that this is not regular problem. The short answer for this issue is yes, but also no. So, you may do not need mind about this problem like a serious problem.

Well, that is all about the Nexus 6P Problems. When you having problems with the Nexus 6P, please drop us a comment below. Thanks.

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