Nexus 6P Waterproof Case: 4 Great Product that We Suggested For You

Nexus 6P Waterproof Case
Nexus 6P Waterproof Case

Nexus 6P Waterproof Case: 4 Great Product that We Suggested For You

Hello, welcome back in Roonby. We already talked about the 4 awesome kickstand case for Nexus 6P, and now we will talk about the Nexus 6P waterproof case. In everyday life, we will often deal with many activities that involving water. While the water is “the enemy” for all types of electronic goods (for example: smartphone) including the Nexus 6P.

Although, sometimes a smartphone equipped with the waterproof or water resistant ability, but it is not sufficient to protect smartphones from the threat of water. As far as the smartphone ability to withstand the water still has certain limitations. For example, a smartphone only has water resistant to a depth of 30 cm within a maximum of 30 minutes, or with the other characters. Moreover, usually, the price of a smartphone that has the ability to withstand in the water is still quite expensive in the market.

Therefore, let’s talk about the Nexus 6P waterproof case.

If you are someone who has an adventurous spirit or likes to do outdoor activities that involve water, such as swimming, river edge, forest fringe. Then you should have to pay attention to protecting your Nexus 6P from the water threat. We have already know that Nexus 6P does not have waterproof or water resistant ability. Of course this may disappoint you. We hope in the future, the generation of Nexus will come with waterproof or water resistant capabilities.

As a form on this concern, we try to offer a solution for those of you who have a Nexus 6P and want to protect it from the water. There is a way to protect the smartphone from the water even though the phone does not have the waterproof or water resistant capabilities. Of course, in order to protect the 6P from the water threat, you need a waterproof case.

We have 4 types of the waterproof case with a price of around 10 dollars from Amazon for your Nexus 6P. Thus, we hope this can help you to protect your nexus when you’re doing outdoor activities. Unlike other types of protection case that has a cool appearance, the waterproof case has standart look.

Here 4 great Nexus 6P Waterproof Case that we suggested for you:

1. TETHYS Universal Waterproof Bag [Ultrapouch Pro] (Apple iPhone 6S Plus, 6 Plus, iPhone 6S 6 5S 5C 5 4S, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge S5 S4 S3) for Protective Life pouch cover with Touch Responsive Clear Screen Protector Fit Up to 6.1 inch Diagonal:

TETHYS Universal Waterproof Bag

Well, this is the first waterproof case that we suggested for you. This was composed of a highly durable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material that will protect your Nexus 6P from against water, dust, dirt, grease, scratches and bumps. This has an innovative swivel lock design that provides a user-friendly experience when opening or sealing the pouch.

The ultra clear film material allows you to get full touch screen access and button control functionality as well as the ability to take photos while the pouch is still equipped on your Nexus 6P. Not only for the waterproof feature, this can protect the Nexus 6P from the mud, water, snow, dirt, and grease. According to the detail product in Amazon, this product has quality tested for waterproof protection up to a depth of 4 meters. It was a great way to protect your Nexus. However, there is another choice for you if you do not like this case. Then, let’s go to the second option!

2. iRAG® Universal IPX8 Certified Waterproof Pouch Dry Bag Smartphone Carrying Case (Apple and Android SmartPhone) – Lifetime Warranty:

iRAG® Universal IPX8 Certified Waterproof

Well, the iRAG® is a universal one size fit all Smartphone up to 6.0-inch diagonal size. This is also great for the iPod & MP3 Players device. iRAG® has a crystal clear screen protector to prevent scratches without compromising the touch sensitivity. It has a simple snap, lock access and easy to use product provides all the water protection for your Nexus 6P. This case has IPX8 Certified to 100 Feet (30 Meters). Wow, that was great to protect your favorite Nexus. Okay, let’s go for the third options!

3. SumacLife Universal Cellphone Waterproof Bag for 5.5-inch Cellphones (Apple iPhone 6S Plus / LG V10 / LG Nexus 6P Water-Resistant Pouch) available in Blue/Black colors:

SumacLife Universal Cellphone Waterproof Bag

This is a new brand that made with high-quality materials. This case can protect your device including the 6P against water, dust, dirt, sand, and etc. It can be suitable for many activities like camping, boating, fishing, swimming, tubing, kiteboarding and any other water sport. This fits most 5-5.8 inch screen smartphone, then the Nexus 6P was able to use this case. Well, there are still the last options for you if you do not like to use this case.

4. Deego Universal Waterproof Armband Snowproof Case Dry Pouch Bag (iPhone 6 / 6s Plus 5S Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Note 5 LG V10 Nexus 6P iTouch MP3) up to 6-Inch smartphone:

Deego Universal Waterproof Armband Snowproof Case

This case has waterproof protection up to a depth of IPX6 Certified. This case can offer waterproof, snowproof, dirtproof, dustproof, or the protection for your device. It can easily attaches for safe, easy carrying when swimming. This case creates a secure seal around your device (Nexus 6P) or the other device and it is completely waterproof, dirtproof, and dustproof. Completely crystal clear window for taking pictures, videos and checking emails button control functionality while the pouch is still equipped. With this new style waterproof armband, this can provide an excellent protection during sport, such as running, biking, jogging, walking, working out etc.

This case can be hung on your neck, used in water or out of the water, bringing you convenience wherever you go. Well, this case was composed of a PVC material that will protect against water, dust, dirt, grease, scratch and bumps. Not only for the Nexus 6P, but this case can be used for the iPhone 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S5 S4 S3 and more. Please make a NOTE: By using this case, you can’t use FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION.

What do you think? Are the last options good for you?

Well, That is all about the Nexus 6P Waterproof Case. Hopefully, this can help you to find the best waterproof case. NOTE: please make sure that you have read and understood the manual before using the case. Sorry about the picture that does not show the Nexus 6P, but all of them are compatible with the Nexus 6P. If you have another opinion, please let us know via comments. Thanks.

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