Nexus 6P: The SIM Card Size That Used

Nexus 6P Sim Card Size
Nexus 6P Sim Card Size

Nexus 6P : The SIM Card Size That Used

Nexus 6P is the newest phablet from Google, normally the users has many questions about the specification, battery life, the price, the internal storage, including the question about the sim card size. That is why we may need to talk about the Sim Card Size at this moment. Then, let’s talk about the Nexus 6P Sim Card Size.

I have read some question about the Sim Card Size that used by Nexus 6P on many forums discussion. Then, may I have to make a clear information for you who ask this question. As we know that, at least, there are three models of sim card size. The first, the normal Sim Card Size. The second, the mini Sim Card size, and the last are the Nano Sim Card size.

Them, what is the SIM card size of Nexus 6P?

I have clearly seen the information about Nexus 6P Sim Card Size from some articles. Then, now I have to say that the Nexus 6P uses a nano SIM card. This is an important note to remember, that use of an incorrectly sized SIM card may damage your phone condition. Thus, please read very carefully the specification of the phone you have. Now you know that this smartphone uses a Nano SIM card. Please make sure that you have a Nano SIM card to use on your Nexus.

Finally, you have got a great SIM Card size for your Nexus 6P. Why? Because now the most smartphone used mini component to get a more thin body, then the Nano Sim card is a good solution get more thin body size on the smartphone.

For the Future, there is always any possibility to get more slim Sim Card size for the smartphone. It may can’t to predict now, for 10 until 20 years later.  We have already know, that the thin body size of a smartphone will not only have an effect for the appearance. But, the thinner body size will also effect for the users comfort. Thus, the smartphone vendor will always be trying to get decreased the body smartphone they made. I think, that is all about the Nexus 6P Sim Card Size. Please NOTE again, that the Nexus 6P uses a Nano Sim Card size. Thank you for coming up on Roonby.

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