Nexus 6P Slow Motion: It is Good for You Who Love to Record A Video

Nexus 6P Slow Motion

Nexus 6P Slow Motion: It is Good for You Who Love to Record A Video

The Nexus 6P slow motion feature is good for you who like to record a video. The slow motion mode at the Nexus 6P has the same audio as the iPhone, the resolution in 240fps mode might be better than the iPhone 6s. Now, the Google and Huawei have made the camera in the Nexus 6P a real contender for the great quality. It was easy to see the quality at 240fps has very good line resolution, color rendition, and very low artifacts.  Finally, we can see an alternative to the iPhone line when the slow motion feature comes in the Nexus 6P.

There are videos from SlashGear that showed the Nexus 6P 240fps video in the outdoors and the indoors condition. I have seen the videos from SlashGear that showing amazing video record in slow motion mode, you can see the video from youtube. I think, the quality of slow motion mode on the 6P is great for the booth condition (outdoor and indoor). There are many videos of Nexus 6P at slow motion mode, then you might also find many opinions about this case. But, that is all good and depends on your angle way to see this case. There is a positive feedback or comment, and also the negative feedback. Then you must make a great way to consider the best opinion for this case. The positive and the negative opinions will bring you into your unique way of think until finally you has built your own opinion.

The Nexus 6P has significant enhancements for both camera modules (the front and rear camera). On the back of the phones is a 12.3 megapixel with Sony sensor with impressively large 1.55-micron pixels, with an f/2.0 lens. The laser autofocus and dual LED flash has also equipped. The front camera module now has the 8-megapixel sensor with HDR+ feature. Thus, you can get great selfies by your Nexus. Not only for the camera module, the new camera app on the latest Nexus now also has an upgraded HDR+ mode. This update can automatically detect when HDR (high dynamic range) should be enabled on the smartphone based on the lighting situations. Thus, you can easily take a photo for the best condition based the lightning situation without HDR manual setting.

That is all about the Nexus 6P slow motion feature. Are you interest in trying the Nexus 6P slow motion feature? Please tell us about your experience or your opinions using the comment. Thank you.

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