Nexus 6P Armband: 4 Great Product Options for You

Nexus 6P Armband

Nexus 6P Armband: 4 Great Product Options for You

We have talked about some of the accessories for the Nexus 6P, like the Nexus waterproof case, and the kickstand case. This time, we are still going to discuss the accessories, we will talk about 6P Nexus armband.

We have already know that the smartphone has an amazing specifications (for now). One thing that may be desired by everyone is able to bring smartphones on any activities carried out every day.  Not all the smartphones type has the ability to adapt to extreme circumstances, for example in work environments that involve a lot of water. But, the problem is not only for that case, the shape and weight of today’s smartphones are also still big shaped and rigid. You need to think again and again to take along your smartphone during your sports activities.

You may want to bring the Nexus 6P when you’re doing sports. You can use the smartphone to contact another person, or as a music player when doing sports activities. You can also use the phone to take some picture. However, if you put the Nexus 6P in your pants or on your shirt pocket, it can be a limit space for you when doing sports activities. Thus, I suppose you will feel uncomfortable.

Thus, what’s the solution? If you want to keep bringing your Nexus 6P properly while doing sports activities without disrupting the sports activities.

Therefore, we offer an idea to help you solve this problem. You can use an accessory that called the armband to carry your smartphone while performing sports activities. The Armband can be placed on the body as you want, but usually armband placed on your arm (as the name suggests). By putting the armband on your arm, of course, it does not prevent the space for you when doing sports activities.

Here some Nexus 6P Armband that sell about $ 10 in Amazon:

1. J&D Sports Armband for the Nexus 6P (Perfect Earphone Connection, Key holder Slot):

J&D Sports Armband for the Nexus 6P

This is the first Armband that we suggested for you. It’s a premium quality Armband for Google Nexus 6P which you won’t have any falling apart issue. This Armband is had an adjustable strap that fasten your Nexus onto your arm safely. The touchable screen on this armband will make you easy to operate your phone through armband. You also can access your earphone. What do you think? If you do not like the first armband, let’s go for the second choice that we suggested for you.

2. KuGi High-quality Sports Armband For the Nexus 6P (with Key Holder Pocket):

KuGi High quality Sports Armband For the Nexus 6P

KuGi High was designed specifically for 5.2-5.8 inch phones. This mean, it will compatible with the Nexus 6P. The lightweight armband keeps protecting your Nexus 6P. This is a perfect companion while you run, ride and lift. This has a flexible lightweight adjustable armband and also adjustable fastener for one size fits all. KuGi High will protect your Nexus while inside the case jacket even has a transparent screen shield. This has a built in a reflective strip for safe running in low light conditions and also has a built-in Key holder. What do you think about this? Okay, let’s continue for the next armband.

3. MoKo Silicone Armband for the Nexus 6P (with Key Holder Slot, well-rounded protection, Lightweight, Perfect Earphone Connection, and etc):

MoKo Silicone Armband for the Nexus 6P

This armband was designed specifically for the Nexus 6P, Lightweight armband keeps your precious phone secure and protected. This armband has an adjustable velcro strap protects. It can stabilize device without slipping. There are two adjustable Velcro bands with different length (support a wide range of arms girth from 9″ (22.9cm) to 17″ (43.2cm). This is has a built in the Reflective strip for safe running in low light conditions. You can get an easy access to your earphones. You will get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

What do you think? Let’s go for the last armband that we suggested for you.

4. Premium Workout Armband Case the Nexus 6P (+ SumacLife TM Wristband):

Premium Workout Armband Case for Huawei Google Nexus 6P

This is the last armband that we suggested for you. The Premium Workout Armband Case will carry your phone whenever you are on the go with the Lifestyle Armband Case. This can be great for you when you working out, jogging, outdoor activities or anytime you’re on the go. This product has an adjustable Velcro restraint strap. It is designed to accommodate most arm sizes. The armband is designed to fit X-large cell phone models up to 6.30 x 3.4 x 0.65 inch. In addition, you also will get SumacLife TM Wisdom Courage Wristband.

What do you think about the last armband? Do you like this one?

Well, that is all about the Nexus 6P Armband. However, there is still the many another types of the armband. But, that is all the 4 awesome armband that we suggested for you. Please let us know your opinion via the comment. Thank you for coming up.

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