Nexus 6P Durability Test by JerryRigEverything: The Scratch and Burn Test

Nexus 6P Durability

Nexus 6P Durability Test by JerryRigEverything: The Scratch and Burn Test

There are many issues about Nexus 6P durability. But, I think the most popular topic is the video that was made by JerryRigEverything. He made a durability test video without any cuts or transitions, and it also show how the Nexus 6P get easily to bend. Have you ever seen the video from JerryRigEverything that tested the Nexus 6P? When you have watched the video from JerryRigEverything about his test on 6P when you have a plan to buy this phone. This will be complicated for you to consider, especially for who want to buy Nexus 6P, which opinion that you must believe. Okay, let’s make a clear way of thinking for the Nexus 6P durability test.

According to Jerry’s opinion, He says that this (bending) can happen because of the aluminum used in the Nexus 6P is free floating. The Nexus 6P bending is a popular topic on the durability test, and it also got much the people’s attention. JerryRigEverything was also doing a burn test which involved putting a lighter section to the 6P screen display. JerryRigEverything says that previous phones had their screens turn black when burn test was applied, but the Nexus 6P turned into white which unfortunately didn’t go away even after a while the burn test. Then, what do you think about this test or the others test to check the Nexus 6P durability?

However, the durability test on the Nexus 6P in the world including the JerryRigEverything act for the Nexus 6P will have some advantage, at least for the users and for the phone maker. For the users, it may be useful to make they have a more carrying feel to keep their Nexus 6P still alive to avoid an extreme condition. For the phone maker, this can be useful to increase their quality product. But, sometimes the phone issues will also affect the marketing plan. Let say that like a war on the phone market. I think, it must be difficult for us to make a difference, or make a clear way of thinking about the issues. However despite all of that issues, the Nexus 6P is still a pretty damn good phone with has great specs.

Finally, the most important thing that we have to remember that the phone maker (Nexus 6P) also has much enough experiment for their product. They should be has a calculation about their quality product including the durability of their product. They have also a quality control for their product before they sent the product to the market.

Well, that is all about the durability issue on the latest Google Nexus Phablet. You should do your best act to keep this smartphone in good condition if you don’t want it to scratch, bend or the others thing that dangerous. Please let us know your opinion from the comment. Thank you.

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