Nexus 6P NFC: All Information You Should Know

Nexus 6P NFC

Nexus 6P NFC: All Information You Should Know

What is NFC? NFC (Near Field Communications): it is a feature that available on many portable devices these days include the Nexus 6P. The NFC technology allows you to send data over radio waves. In this case, it is similar to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but the NFC, unlike those protocols. It can be used to induce electric currents within passive components as well as just send data. This technology is faster than Bluetooth, in general. It can work with passive devices that do not require their own power supply. Thus, NFC just likes as a travel card readers. It is a great future, it will very useful. We know that the phone maker still works to develop this technology.

The Nexus 6P NFC and Big Black Glass Bar

There have been many issues about big black glass bar on the backside of the Nexus 6P. Why is it so big? The answer is, it is just form following the function. The Nexus 6P is predominantly made of aluminum which it will act as a reflector to various radio and other wireless signals in the Nexus 6P. Thus, there must be available a place for the antennas to send out the various signals from the phone. You can construct portions of the phone from different materials like glass to help those precious wireless communique get out from the phone.

About the big black glass bar on the 6P, that will be a good information for anyone who interested in knowing exactly where the NFC coils are located on the phone. The NFC coil on this smartphone is situated above the Nexus Imprint fingerprint sensor while being accessible through the exposed section of the black glass bar. Thus, the big glass bar on the Nexus 6P serves as a home for the rear camera, dual LED flash, laser auto focus module, NFC coil, as well as an outlet some connection function like for the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and also for the mobile data connectivity on the phone. There must be an additional plastic window along the bottom of the phone for the main cellular antenna. This is a direct information from a person who working at Google, a person who work on the design sector, so it is legit.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is the story of the big black bar on the Nexus 6P which is made of Gorilla Glass 4. Finally, that is all about the Nexus 6P NFC technology. Hopefully, this can help you. Thanks for coming up on Roonby. Please let us know your opinion about the NFC technology on this latest Nexus Generation using the comment below.

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