Protective Case Makes Nexus 6P Has Waterproof Ability

Nexus 6P Waterproof

Protective Case Makes Nexus 6P Has Waterproof Ability

We have already talked about the Nexus 6P fingerprint feature, then now we will talk about the Nexus 6P waterproof. As the newly released product, the Nexus 6P has many rumors. I have read some question on the online forums. And the most question is about the waterproof issue. Well, that was an important question when you want to buy a smartphone. Is the Nexus 6P waterproof? This is an important question because the most smartphones makers now are trying to develop a smartphone with a waterproof feature. The accident can happen everywhere and every time, like the smartphone was suddenly dropped into the water on the bathtub, sink or on the toilet. When you ask this question for the Nexus 6P, then we here want discuss this case.

I have read some articles that related to the Nexus 6P product. The answer is No!. The most popular answer’s says that the Nexus 6P is not has a waterproof feature. Then, what should you do if you want your Nexus 6P become waterproof? I have strongly suggested you to use a protective case. That was the best way I think to solve the problem (waterproof feature). There are many case brand that available for the Nexus 6P. Here I have 2 number options additional case for the Nexus 6P.

1. Moko Halo Clear Case: If you want to get a clear protection that doesn’t cover up your Nexus 6P’s looks. The Moko Halo Clear Case is one for you to check out. The majority of the Moko Halo Clear Case is made of a durable polycarbonate with the exception of the bumper. The side buttons are raised for a quick and easy press, and you will find cutouts for the camera and ports. Both materials of the Moko Halo Clear Case provide an enhanced grip around the Nexus 6P. That was incredibly slim for sliding the Nexus 6P with Moko Halo Clear Case in your pocket without a struggle.

2. Verus Pro Shield Case: The Verus Pro Shield Case is a great hybrid option for the Nexus 6P to get a sweet brushed metal look. A flexible TPU on the Verus Pro Shield Case manages impacts like a champ while adding grip. Then, the polycarbonate bumper that surrounds it keeps up everything together. It was a good case to protect your favorite Nexus.

Finally, we have the conclusion that the Nexus 6P has no waterproof ability. Then you have to make sure get more care for your own Nexus. That is all about the Nexus 6P waterproof. Hopefully, this article help you. :D.

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