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best launcher for nexus 6p4 Best Launcher for Nexus 6P from The Roonby Team

Want to try a new style on your Nexus 6P? Then, you on the right article because we are talking about the best launcher for Nexus 6P. This is the best way to make a beautiful appearance for the latest Nexus Gen or the other android device. Every launcher has a great theme, you can get these from Google Play Store.

Here is 4 best launcher for Nexus 6P from Roonby team:

1. One Launcher: This is a lightweight launcher you should try. It’s comes preloaded with quality better than HD Retina-ready (FREE) wallpapers. The launcher maker believes that Simple is Beautiful.

one launcher for nexus 6p

One Launcher is Simple and lightweight. It has only 2MB in size. You can customizable the home screen with lots of theme options. It has smart widgets (Desktop Clock & Calendar icons, dynamically display the current date and time with snazzy animations & effects. Buttery smooth Screen Transition Effects). One Launcher has lots a screen transition effects like Rotate, Bulldoze, Windmill, Cube, Scale, Flip, Fade, and etc. You can receive the real-time notification and display them in your lock screen. You get a quick glance at your daily activities. You can get efficient battery management by using this launcher. So, this is a simple launcher. You can get it from Google Play. Let’s go to the second launcher.

2. LINE Launcher: This launcher has released a Launcher for Android devices that will change the look of your Android with a custom launcher theme such as Batman and launcher Hello Kitty, cute icons, wallpaper, and also the Widget.

line launcher for nexus 6p

LINE Launcher offers features such as battery power monitor to view the status and remaining battery power of your Android with more accuracy. LINE Launcher also no feature to improve the performance of your Android in just 1 click. So you do not need to install other applications since this feature has been available on the LINE Launcher. When you use LINE Launcher, you can stick the sticker anywhere you like on the home screen. You also can put shortcuts to apps even a URL. Arrangements for Android you also made easier with the Quick Switch Settings feature. Do you want to change the theme? You only need to click the Theme Shop, then you can select a theme that you like. You can get this launcher from Google Play Store. Let’s go to the 3rd launcher.

3. Hola Launcher: Hola Launcher more useful, and, even more beautiful, for an unprecedented experience.

hola launcher for nexus 6p
Hola Launcher automatically delights you with a new, free, and gorgeous wallpaper each day. Thus, every day is different from the one before. Hola Launcher is 3 MB in size, make it quick to download and easy to install to your phone. It was designed it to minimize its memory usage, so your smartphone stays fast and responsive while providing the most important features the people need. You can get this launcher from Google Play. Let’s go to the last launcher.

4. Zero Launcher: ZERO Launcher is the smart launcher that containing much launcher theme, wallpapers and backgrounds include the live wallpapers.

zero launcher for nexus 6p
Zero Launcher is Smart (Small size & fast speed & simple operation, smaller RAM occupied, battery saver). This can customize your folders with a smart management, intelligent app categorization, and arrangement. It’s also has a smart switch that convenient to use phone functions. You can swipe down to search the apps, SMS, emails on your smartphone. You can also to customize the lock screen with your favorite pictures. You can get this launcher from Google Play.

Which one is the best for you? You can get them all from the Google Play Store. Just search by the launcher name, then click install if you want to use the launcher on your Nexus 6P. After that, you can set the launcher as the default launcher on your smartphone. Here the steps to set the launcher and also to change the walpaper on your Nexus 6P.

How to set the Launcher?
To set this launcher, please follow the below steps:
Step 1: First, Tap on launcher and theme for nexus 6p app icon
Step 2: Then, Tap on apply theme
Step 3: Choose the launcher
Conglaturation, you have finished choosing the launcher.

How to change the walpaper?
You can change the wallpapers directly from the app icon, please follow the below steps:
Step 1: Tap on launcher and theme for nexus 6p icon
Step 2: Tap on wallpaper
Step 3: Choose the wallpaper for the background

Well, that is all about the best launcher for Nexus 6P. If you have any questions or opinion about the other launcher , please contact us comment below. Thanks for coming.

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