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#watermelonboy Start a Trending Hashtag on Twitter in Melbourne Australia

A boy in Melbourne in the spotlight on the internet after being caught on camera and its voracious eating watermelon with skin intact and all its contents when watching the Big Bash League Match in Melbourne.

The figure of a boy, which is identified as Mitch, caught on camera was greedily eating a watermelon-sized ball when watching a cricket league match between Melbourne Stars Big Bash vs Melbourne Renegades. It were broadcast live on a TV station at the MCG on Saturday.

#watermelonboy Start a trending hashtag on Twitter no.1 and no.2 in Melbourne in Australia.

“Sports Cricket now has a new hero. Work very good at spending a whole watermelon. The games are great!” Said one twitter user.

“#Watermelonboy You really inspiring (you are an absolute inspiration mate),” the others says.

This match was flooded by more than 80 thousand spectators and it makes the organizers hassles.

Australian Cricket was forced to apologize to the audience because there are many viewers who could not get out of the stadium since the beginning of the game as a precaution in view of the coming of the security of people who wanted to watch the match.


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