Nexus 6P: It Has Long Hours Battery Life

Nexus 6P Battery Life
Nexus 6P Battery Life

Nexus 6P: Great Phone with Long Hours Standby Battery Life

Nexus 6P is the solution for you if you are looking for the great phone with long hours standby. It is the big great phones. This phone has long standby time. With 3,450mAh, you can imagine how long it is for standby. With this capacity, you can compare nexus 6P with other smartphones which have long capacity also. And of course, the battery capacity for long standby time is nexus as the winner. You can read many Nexus 6p battery life review for checking opinions from many users of this smartphone as the comparer. Moreover, this phone battery stand by is better than other brand such as Moto X Play or Samsung Galaxy s6 Active. It has really long time for standby before going to be drained.

For charging the battery, we need to one hour thirty seven minutes or around 90 minutes only. Of course it is faster than Nexus 5X, and it is almost same with Samsung Galaxy s6 which needs one hour and twenty minutes. However, Nexus has got 100% with that time, and it can be standby for long time. The great Nexus with long standby time has been discussed in many nexus 6p battery life test review.

This smartphone is able to standby around 3 days with any application processed. Nexus has great battery with 3,450mAh which means that it is hard to drained condition just because of many applications running. Based on the Nexus 6p battery life review, we can draw conclusion that it is able to do gaming, internet, or other applications running and it keeps from drained condition. The reason is because Nexus is able to do deep sleep when we are not facing the screen. The phone has ability to kill the process when we are not using it. Deep sleep is the good solution for preventing from drained condition or low bat.

Of course it is good news for the users, especially users which are really depended on any work or job via smartphone. It sounds good also for you who are the real gamers. You take this smartphone for getting satisfactory more. Battery life is the main necessary, and Nexus 6p has offered us to get it. Read about the price and the series for considering what you will take. However, battery life from Nexus is the best solution for you.

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