You Need Nexus 6P Car Charger In A Long and Far Trip

 Nexus 6P Charge Time

Nexus 6P Car Charger

We need nexus 6p car charger for recharging our nexus in a long and far trip

Nexus 6P smart phone has big battery power. It has great performance for avoiding the smartphone getting drained condition quickly. The battery is really perfect for you who have work using smartphone for all day. It has quickly process in charging, you do not need to spend much time to charge your Nexus 6p. It is going to get 100% full battery just in 90 minutes only. It is very quick and very simple but it is better for you to get Nexus 6p car charger also. However, especially when you are in a far and long trip. You need car charger for recharging your smartphone while on the way.

If you are looking for good car charger, you can visit Amazon for getting good product and nice price. We are discussing two car chargers that can be reference for you before buying.

The first is Quick Charge 2.0. It is USB Type C. this car charger is not only for Nexus 6p, but for Nexus 5X One plus also. The price of this car charger is standard price, around $15.29. With this car charger, you can recharge you smartphone quickly. This charger is smart and universal. It is green port device. For the power, it is around 36W for two ports. When you are using this charger, it gives you safety guarantee not only from the material but also for the using. Indeed, it is safety because it is avoided from overheating. Just take it as your Nexus 6p car charger. It will support your smartphone well.

Meanwhile, for the second car charger is from KuGi Google. It is own car charger from Google for Huawei Nexus 6p. This charger has high quality product and many interesting features. It has 4-Port USB intelligence. You can get many advantages from this car charger. This car charger is not only Nexus 6p actually, you can use it also for Moto X 3, Samsung Galaxy s6, ipad pro or Motorola. It has 4-port with 10A / 50W USB.

It has four ports, so you can use it not only for your smartphone but the other smartphone in a while or same time. This intelligent technology makes your smartphone get more speed in recharging your phone. So, your travel will be more energetic because of your smartphone will always get the power. The price offered is good enough and affordable. You have it with $11.50 only. It is nice car charger for your phone.

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