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Honda Civic 2016 is the sedan class car which will be soon released at the first quartal of 2016. It has some features which is powerful enough covered by streamline body. In this article, it will be discussed more about the Engine of this car. Does it meet your expectation?

Gas Mileage

The I-Vtec technology of this car is perfectly helpful to increase the power saving up to 33 mpg. With this condition, Honda Civic 2016 is able to achieve the range of city traveling until the gasoline is out. However, the I-Vtec technology has a level here. Therefore, the number of 33mpg is actually the average. It actually ranges from 31-32-33-35- and 37.5 mpg. This codition will make you have more choices in terms of price and power created

civic 2016 type R

Power And Performances

The engine is offered with many choices. As the example, the 2.o liter engine is only for the LX and EX class which is entry level one. In another side, it is quite good since the previous entry level model only has 1.8-liter engine. However, the EX-T class has 1.5 liter only which Honda claimed has a nise reduction in it. The Horsepower of this car is ranging between 138 – 178 which is pretty good in sedan car for city users. The presence of i-Vtec completed this car to achieve better power consumption and power management.

The engine itself is able to run up to 6700-rpm redline. This is actually the average class that sedan car has.  It results to good acceleration. It has achieved 60 mph from stop position with only 6.8 seconds. It perhaps, because of light body and chassis covered by aerodynamic model. That is why, there is no need a lot of power to make this car run fast enough.

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Driving System 

It has 6-speed automatic transmission briefly. this style has already adopted by Honda in the prvious Civic. However, this system is available for all kinds of Honda Civic 2016. In this case, you will find it on LX, EX, EX-T, EX-L, and Touring model. The driving system is also completed with the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS). Here, you can make your position and distance are safe enough for driving with another car both in front of you and beside of you. Collision Mitigation Breaking System (CMBS) also offers the better safety driving by stopping your or breaking your vehicle after finding out the sudden move of another car in front of you. So, does it meet your expectation?

Honda CivicHonda Civic 2016 Engine

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