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burning hoverboard

Intend to Unboxing the Hoverboard, but It is Suddenly on Fire

Intend to make a video unboxing the hoverboard, it is like skateboarding wheeled toys that are trendy at the moment. However, the products that will be discussed even ignite when tested.

This misfortune befall a man with BuleBritish account, a YouTubers. Initially, he wanted to make a video unboxing. Unfortunately. it is not go smoothly, because the hoverboard is suddenly on fire.

“My first test on my new hoverboard did not go as planned :(,” BritishBule wrote in the description of the video on his YouTube account.

Like most of unboxing video, BuleBritish begin to unpack the hoverboard after recently purchased. “It looks cool,” he commented. He then fills the hoverboard battery overnight. Then try to ride the next day.

When trying to tilt forward to start moving, the device will not turn on. He continues to try. When run, the smoke comes from the right end hoverboard. The fire soon appeared and grabbed onto the entire body device.

BritshBule were surprised immediately, and jump to avoid the flames. Furthermore, he could only stare at his new hoverboard was burned.

What happened to BritshBule add the list of the hoverboard burning incident. Until now many people who reported the same thing.

In the USA for example, there are 12 events hoverboard burnt in the process of investigation. Reflecting on it, many places which eventually prohibit the use of hoverboard.

burning hoverboard

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