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5 Easy Tips How to Clean up Storage Space on Your Android or iPhone

 How to Clean up Storage Space on Your Android or iPhone
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5 Easy Tips How to Clean up Storage Space on Your Android or iPhone

Storage space on the smartphone is a part that is not less important as the other parts. That’s because this part serves to store a variety of documents such as photos, videos and even the downloaded files.

Because of the importance of internal memory, it becomes necessary to use the microSD slot. However, some today smartphones that do not provide a microSD slot, though with an internal memory capacity of 16 GB.

Obviously, this is a problem for those who have a small internal memory capacity and the absence of a microSD slot for you, who feels less on internal storage space that is provided by the manufacturer. Here’s how to clean up storage space on your Android or iPhone, as reported by Mashable.

1. Remove Old Photos, Videos, Screenshots and Duplicate

Photos have become such a treasure for some people. However, by removing the old photos will provide space for a new photo. Begin combing duplicate files and remove image blur, unused screenshots , and select a good image.

When finished sorting through photos, continue on to remove the old videos and movies. When the phone supports, then cut the clip is too long and video shorten it as much as possible.

2. Move Photos and Videos to Cloud or Computer

Before you delete a photo or video, the users can back up photos to the cloud through services like Flickr, Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive or perhaps using Google Photos, which lets you store more photos.

3. Remove The Not Used Applications

The applications can take up most of your storage space. Clean any applications that are not used today, especially the old game that has rarely play.

4. Switch to Music Streaming Service

Music is one of internal storage space eater. Over the past few years, streaming music and music subscription can change the music to be downloaded and stored in the internal storage.

5. Do not Record with 4K resolution

Almost every premium mobile phones like Android, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus comes with 4K video recording capabilities. Basically this file has a size larger than the HD and full HD video.

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