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Samsung Triathlon SM-R150

Samsung Triathlon, The Latest Samsung Fitness Tracker Finally Revealed

News about Samsung will issue a fitness tracker finally revealed. After the rumour about the fitness tracker is in development emerged last November. A few days ago the shape and design of this fitness tracker has appeared in cyberspace.

The device is unique, the shape is different from the fitness bracelet in general. What is being worked by Samsung is slightly different, the South Korean manufacturer is making a fitness bracelet with shape like premium smartwatch.

Evidence has begun to circulate in cyberspace. Yet because of its leaks, the validity remains to be ascertained. Samsung reportedly will be named the fitness bracelet as Triathlon.

Samsung Triathlon SM-R150

Unlike other fitness bracelet, it is almost certainly shaped like SmartWatch. Interestingly, the design style that carried by Triathlon also looks premium because it uses shades of gold bezel. Moreover as in gear S2, Triathlon bezel can also be twisted around.

BC-R150 or a device called Triathlon by Samsung in their internal forum has a design very similar to the Samsung Gear S2. Based on the images uploaded by Cafe Tizen, SM-R150 also has a rotating bezel and looks similar to Gear S2 Sport Edition. In addition, SM-R150 reportedly using bio-processor that Samsung introduced at CES 2016.

Judging from the appearance, it also carrying Tizen operating system like Gear S2. But with a number of cuts for fitness purpose only.

In accordance with its function to fitness tracker, SM-R150 has the ability to calculate the heart rate. It can also be done with additional accessories. In addition, there is also a repetition count for the workout, body fat measurement, and a tracker to calculate the amount of water you drink.

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SM-R150 is supposed to have a cheaper price than Samsung Gear S2 because its function is only focused on fitness tracker alone. The user interface is also very different from the latest Samsung smartwatch. For pricing and more detailed specifications, just wait for the official launch of Samsung.

So far there is no information when it will released, but did not rule out the possibility of Samsung announce together with the Galaxy S7 in the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Samsung Triathlon SM-R150

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