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Nexus 5X Hidden Features: 9 Unique and Interesting Feature

Everything has each own mystery inside, including the Nexus 5X. That is why, we are going to talk about the Nexus 5X hidden features. There are some Nexus 5X hidden features that you may need to know. Here, we have 9 Nexus 5X hidden features. Let’s go to talk this topic.

1. Press power button twice to launch camera

nexus 5x hidden features
Sometimes, you may want to get quickly access your camera app on the Nexus 5X. The Nexus 5X also has an option to allows you to get instant camera launch by double pressing the power (or lock) button. According to the Qualcomm’s chipmaker, the feature to launch the camera via double-twist of the Nexus 5X (and 6P) was replaced by double-tap of the power key. The name Context Core for this feature has been changed to Android Sensor Hub. You can also get an instant access for the 3rd party camera app on the Nexus 5X.

Here are the steps to get this feature:
Step 1: You can install the third-party camera app on the Nexus 5X
Step 2: Then, you can Open Settings and tap on Apps
Step 3: After that, you need to Tap on Camera and select Open by Default
Step 4: Please, Tap on Clear Defaults
Step 5: finally, you can use the double-tap method and choose the new default camera app that you want to access by double pressing the Power button.

Congratulations, you have succeeded to get 3rd camera app to launch by double pressing the Power button of your Nexus 5X. Have you ever know this feature before?

2. Peek into your notifications

Well, this option will allow you to have a glance at the notifications without opening it. How to peek into your notifications? You can put your finger on the notification and slide it slightly downwards. So, this is a really useful feature, this will let you avoid opening irrelevant notifications. You can enable or disable peeking for every app individually, which is enabled by the default setting in the Nexus 5X.
Here the steps to enable or disable peeking:
Step 1: You need to go to Settings
Step 2: Then, Sound & Notification
Step 3: After that, go to the App notifications
Step 4: Then, Select App
Step 5: Allow peeking
Step 6: Finally, you can simply enable/ disable this feature
Have you ever use this feature on the Nexus 5X?

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3. Explore files and folders on the Nexus 5X storage

You may need to browse files and folders in the phone internal storage. But, the Nexus 5X does not offer a separate app like “File manager” inside. Many users cannot locate the option to locate the files on the 5X. So, if you need to access the folders on the storage, you can follow the steps bellow.

Here are the steps to reach them on the Nexus 5X:
Step 1: You need to Open Settings
Step 2: Then, Storage & USB
Step 3: Go to the Internal storage
Step 4: Finally, you can Move at the bottom of the list where you will find the “Explore” option
Thus, by following that steps, you can browse the files and folders on your internal storage. Are these steps useful for you?

4. Enable or Disable the battery saver

nexus 5x hidden feature
Thus, you can enable or disable the Battery Saver feature at any point of time by tapping the “three horizontal dots” at the top right corner (which actually displays the extra options). The default setting is, the battery saver automatically turns on when the battery on the Nexus 5X drops to 15%.

But, you can always change the value, for example, you can set it to 5% by tapping “Turn on automatically” in the Battery saver screen. Well, that might be better for you to get more control on the battery saver on the Nexus 5X. Thus, you can adapt the battery saver with your needs. Have you ever use this feature?

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5. Quick Charge With Included Charger

The Nexus 5X has a support for the USB Type-C interfaces. That means the phone charge up really fast. The chargers that came with the 5X must be used to get the advantage of this feature. A 10-minute charge will provide 4 hours battery life. But, there some rumors about this feature. Absolutely, the quick charge feature will only work for the original Charger of Nexus 5X.

6. Charge Other Devices With USB Type-C

So, this is only one of the advantage of the USB Type-C. By using the same universal cable, the Nexus 5X can transfer power to another device. I think, this should be very useful only for a rare condition like when there is no electricity and you need to charge the other device by using Nexus 5X.

7. Notification LED

The notification LED lights on Nexus 5X placed in the middle below the speaker grille. We have already talked about the Nexus 5X LED light and Wifi Calling before. Here is how to enable the Notification LED on the Nexus 5X:
Step 1: First, you need to Go to Settings
Step 2: Then, Tap on Sound & notification
Step 3: The last, Toggle Pulse notification light
The LED lights can be customized using third-party apps such as “Light Flow”. You can change when and how they work on the Nexus 5X. Have you ever use this feature before?

8. Project Fi

The Nexus 5X compatible with Project Fi. This is the Google’s wireless service that automatically shifts between mobile data and Wi-Fi networks to provide the best coverage. They support Wi-Fi calling, that allow the users to place calls using Wi-Fi or carrier networks. The option can be found under Settings and More. Have you ever tried this feature?

9. Built-in Pedometer

With built-in pedometers, owners of the Nexus 5X can use the Google Fit even without an Android Wear smartwatch. So, they can track steps and help achieve fitness goals for the users. They work well with the 3rd party apps too.
Well, that’s all about the Nexus 5X hidden features. Hopefully, that information can help you to know more about the Nexus 5X. Thank you.

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