Nexus 5X Headphones: 4 Options Under $10

nexus 5x headphonesNexus 5X Headphones 4 Options Under $10

Do you like to listen to music? Are you music lover? Today, we are going to talk about some Nexus 5X headphones options. Everywhere, every time in our daily life, we can’t avoid to hear a music. The headphones may useful for you when you have a travel, journey, or just want to enjoy your music in private. So, this is gonna be good for you who have Nexus 5X to get the headphones. The headphones will also increase the battery life when you are listening to music or videos. Okay, let’s go to talk about some awesome Nexus 5X headphones.

1. KuGi headphone

KuGi headphone made from high-quality stereo headphones. This headphone made for Nexus 5X, or you can use to any other device. The appearance of the KuGi headphone is invasive by the inspire of the “senior designer”. KuGi headphone will let you feel the unusual wearing experience the extreme tone, so you can get a better audio performance from KuGi headphone. While you listen to the music using the headphones, you can answer the call without operating the phone. KuGi headphone is the stereo headphone that can slide up and down to control the volume. You can get KuGi headphone from Amazon only for $ 8.9. Have you ever get an experience with KuGi headphone?

2. Tangle Free Flat Wire Red Stereo Headphones

Tangle Free Flat Wire headphone provide a comfortable conversation while keeping your hands free on the Nexus 5X. The Dynamic Driver Technology provides undistorted crisp and clear audio for you. The Microphone is attached to the wire of this headphone, and its fits the 3.5mm audio jack in your Nexus 5X. Then, this headphone has a simple design that will give you more comfort to use this headphone every day. You can get Tangle Free Flat Wire Red Stereo Headphones from Amazon only for $ 5.9.

3. Black Color 3.5mm Audio Earphone Headphones

This is a 3.5mm Black stereo headset that has soft gel earbud with a microphone. In-ear earpieces isolate you from surrounding noises in your environment. This headset will keep your hands free, and on the wheel with built-in microphone for a better handsfree conversations experience.There is a cord mounted ON or OFF button which lets you answer calls (easily). This headphone will simply plug it into your Nexus 5X, and secure the headset comfortably in place. You can enjoy music with the superb sound quality for every music on your phone with this stereo headset. You can get this headphone from Amazon only for $7. What do you think about this headphone? Buy easily via link bellow

4. Premium Heavy Bass Metal Stereo Headset

As the name suggest, “Premium Heavy Bass Metal Stereo Headset” has a high definition Stereo sound headphones with precise bass. So, this is only for you who like to get more bass from your Nexus 5X. This is a metal earphones that featuring super lightweight in-ear buds that will give you a great fit. This is a premium headphone that has noise isolation feature that will absolutely reduce the external intervention. This headphone will also compatible with MP3 player or the others smartphone. You can get this premium headset from Amazon only for $10. Buy easily via link bellow

Well, that is all about the awesome Nexus 5X headphones. Each headphone has each own specification, it means every headphone may give you a different audio experience. The audio quality of every headphone will also be affected by your music file quality. Just chose the best one for you, when you like to get more Bass experience, then the best choice is only for the Premium Heavy Bass Metal Stereo Headset. Please make sure that you have understood the headphone spec before making a purchase. The price may be change depend on the seller. Thank you.

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