6 Best security App for Android: The Paid and Free Version

Best security App for Android : The Paid and Free Version

Just like our desktop, the android device will also need a security app to prevent a virus or malware infected the system. There are many possibilities to get virus or malware threat on our Android device because we almost connected to the internet every day. Usually, a virus or malware will infect an Android device from a non-trusted source app. Sometimes, you will also get some ads from free apps that installed on your android device. So, that is the reason we have highly recommended you to get apps on paid version. But, as android users, you must be smart to choose or install apps on your android device. First, you need to know the apps specification before you install the app on your android device.

Another way, you can get some security app for your android device. There are much available security apps, but which is the best security app for your android device? Here we have listed some best security app for you:

1. 360 Security (Antivirus Boost)

360 s
360 security is a great Android antivirus app that we have recommended for you to get best real-time protection. 360 Security has an antivirus engine that will automatically scan all of your files, then updates each its definitions. You will not only get the Antivirus protection, you will get junk file cleaner, memory boost, Power saver, anti-theft, privacy and the real-time protection. What do you think about 360 security antivirus boost app?

2. CM Security (Antivirus and AppLock)

cm s
CM security is one of the best malware protection for Android device. Cheetah Mobile as a research company that has a credible reports on the state of the Android security development made the special feature that called AppLock. So you will not only get the antivirus and the real-time protection, the app lock feature will give you more privacy settings in every app that you have installed. The private messages lock, wifi security, anti-theft, private browsing, app lock fingerprint, and the system scanner and the others features that you will get from CM security app.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security

The Kaspersky (PC version) is regularly known as the best internet security suite. How about the mobile version? The free Kaspersky mobile version will provide all of the standard anti-malware protection that you had expect including the anti-theft features. But, if you want to get more protection you will need to upgrade to the premium version of Kaspersky. The price of premium Kaspersky is US$14.95/year, then you will get the premium protection such as the anti-phishing protection (for text messaging), privacy protection when you surf the web, and even the cloud protection. Of course, the premium version app of the most apps will give you more features. That is why, we highly recommend to you to get the premium version, especially, to get the premium protection.

5. AVG Antivirus Security


Just like the Kaspersky, The AVG has known as a great app to protect your PC. The free version of AVG Antivirus will protects your Android smartphone in real time from viruses, spyware, and even the malicious applications. By using AVG, you can review your files, applications, close apps that are significantly slowing performance, or the app that abusing your battery. The anti theft feature will let you to delete or block your information, then locate your Android device via Google Maps.

6. Norton Security Antivirus

In every security apps for Android device, the antivirus, malware, spyware feature will be a must features. So, just like the others security apps, Norton Antivirus app (free version ) will let you to blocks and removes malware that threat your android device. Of course, you will need to buy the premium version of Norton, then you will get the extra features such as the feature to remote locking and Sneak Peak and takes photos of people that using your device if you lossted it. The premium version of Norton will also give you App Advisor feature which will automatically check the apps for privacy risks. Norton premium will review the apps that have high battery use and even to review the suspicious behavior. Well, we knew that the premium version of apps will give you the special features.

Okay, that is all about the best security apps for your android device. Please make a note, that the free version of these apps will give you the standard features. That means you will need to buy the premium version if you want to get the best performance, in order to protect your android device. Thank you.

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