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Samsung Will Release The First Smartwatch that Support eSIM

Samsung Gear S2 classic

Samsung Gear S2 classic


Currently, the SIM card is still used in mobile phones and tablet devices for communication needs. However, the SIM card is expected to be more efficient in the future. One technology that is predicted will be a replacement for the traditional SIM card is a electronic SIM or eSIM.

Citing information from the Ubergizmo, Saturday (02/20/2016), Samsung became one of the first companies to release a smartwatch with eSIM support. The South Korean company recently introduced the Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G that equipped with eSIM.

With eSIM, Samsung Gear S2 Classic can support many communication activities including internet access. So, users can still receive notifications, such as phone or received message, although no smartphone is connected.

Samsung to work with the GSMA to embed the eSIM technology. Therefore, the GSMA is reportedly has just announced a new eSIM specifications for smartwatch, fitness tracker, and tablets.

This step can be considered as a technological breakthrough because it basically has not been widely adopted by other company. Samsung Gear S2 3G Classic is scheduled to be available in March. Just do not mention the price tag for the smartwatch.

eSIM function is no different from traditional SIM that exist today. However, eSIM lets users instantly put on specific carriers’ networks while using a device. Because, eSIM is already embedded or programmed into one in the device.

In addition, eSIM also allows the user to change the service or a network operator. Therefore, users simply select the network operator that wants to be used directly from the device without the need to replace the SIM card.

To support the eSIM technology, GSMA itself has teamed up with some big companies such as Samsung, LG, Microsoft, and Huawei. For telecom operators, the GSMA has teamed up with AT & T, Verizon, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, and EE.

Although currently eSIM only intended for the use of wearable gadgets and tablets, GSMA estimates that this technology can also be available for smartphones in June.

GSMA is not the only company that develop eSIM technology. Previously, Apple has also released a similar technology called Apple SIM. The technology is embedded to the latest iPad series since some time ago.

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