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Wesley, A Cute Dog that Wearing Braces

Wesley A Cute Dog that Wearing Braces

Since a few years ago braces has become a trend for young people. The goal is the same, not only to look cooler, but also serves to maintain the appearance of the teeth to keep tidy.

As you know braces used by the young men and women. But, this time the dog was fitted with braces. More recently, the public especially the internet users shocked by a  funny photograph when a dog named Wesley showed his teeth are braced.

Reported by CCTV News, Wesley had undergone orthodontic surgery at the Animal Hospital Harborfront for crooked teeth that make Wesley difficult to close his mouth properly. A doctor stating what happened to Wesley could be a health problem, so he decided to put a brace on the Wesley teeth. Fortunately, braces that used in this dog lasted only a few weeks, contrast to the usual braces used by humans is used for some months to years.

Wesley A Cute Dog that Wearing Braces 2

Many pictures circulating on social media instantly become viral on the internet, some with Wesley in his service dog jacket (if you like one for your dog, you can purchase it here). Many of them responded with a variety of jokes.

Well, what do you think. Is Wesley looks more cool with the braces?

Wesley A Cute Dog that Wearing Braces 3

Dog that Wearing BracesWesley

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