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Michael Kors Launched Access Smartwatch with Android Wear OS

michael kors access smartwatch

Smartwatch it is becoming a trend in recent years. Now, smartwatch even more popular than watches made in Switzerland. To be able continue to survive in the industry, the Swiss watch company began adapting the similar technologies. Michael Kors, the designer of luxury accessories also began to sell a new smartwatch.

Recently, Michael Kors has announced his smartwatch that runs with Android Wear. It called Access. The smartwatch design offers a luxurious and elegant but not forget the smart features. This watch include the watch face Michael Kors exclusive edition, leather wristband and silicon that can be replaced, as well as versions of sporty for men and glamor for women.

Access is also equipped with touchscreen displays that include social media updates, email and text alerts, application notifications, smart help from Google, built-in fitness tracking and Goole voice-activated. So what price that must be paid to buy this watch?

As Michael Kors other products, Access smartwatch is also sold at a price that not cheap, starting at $ 395. It is not too expensive, but also not cheap enough for a smart watches. This watch will be available starting next fall at the Michael Kors store, many number of retailers and via online.

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access smartwatchmichael kors

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