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iPhone Emojis for Android Phone: Express Yourself in A Different Way Possible

iPhone emojis are fun. It’s hard to dislike the look of iOS emojis. Sure sure, Samsung and other Android phones also has emojis, but they’re all kind of goofy-looking. But given how relevant emojis are nowadays, and thanks to the open nature of Android it is possible to use iPhone Emojis on android phone! YAY!

How To?

First – create a Back Up!

First thing’s is we need to make sure that if anything goes wrong, you’ve got a satisfactory backup. You should already be making regular backups of your data. For this, you should make an Android backup before getting started.

If your device is already rooted, it’s likely that you already know how to make an Android backup, but if not, we’ll run through it quickly.

You’ll need to boot into recovery mode, which usually requires turning off your phone then holding Power + Volume Up + Volume Down while turning it back on. The process may vary depending on your phone’s manufacturer. Some custom ROMs give you an option to boot into the recovery in the power menu (accessed by holding down the power button while the screen is on).

The screen you see next will depend on whether you’re using TWRP or CWM, but either way, you should navigate to Backup, make sure all the boxes are checked, and then swipe the bar at the bottom.

You’ll need quite a lot of space for this to work, so make sure you’ve backed up your photos and videos elsewhere or otherwise removed the bloatware and cleaned out the junk. From there, if anything goes wrong during this process, you can reboot into recovery, navigate to Restore, and swipe along the bottom to return your phone to exactly how it was before.

Second – Install, Flip Font 3

 iphone emoji to android

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Please enjoy this Emoji Font for Android flip font to provide you with the ability to change your device’s typeface for free. Using the FlipFont font changer program installed on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC phone, you can use this application to customize your device to this beautiful emoji font for Samsung Galaxy that we have created.

This emoji font is a cute typeface that has been optimized for use on Samsung Galaxy or HTC Android devices. Please browse through our FlipFont packs to find the perfect font styles that fits your taste.

Third – Change Your Font Styles

Go to system Settings >> Display >> Font  

Now simply select Emoji Font 3, then tap “Done.” Be aware, the font will  change the style of your system font. It’s hardly noticeable and it’s the trade off for not requiring root access, but adjusting the font size to be slightly smaller will make it significantly less noticeable.


Then it’s Done, Well Done!, You are awesome to make it this far, 🙂

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

iPhone Emojis for Android Phone
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