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Peak, A Neuro Science Based Games – It is Your Own Personal Education Coach

Do you sometimes wonder how smart or stupid are you? Well, do I. Sometimes I want to know whether I am really smart or just a stupid person. I see, I am a lazy person, but that doesn’t mean I am stupid right? Because I read in the internet that lazy people doesn’t really mean as a stupid and sometimes a lazy person is smarter than most of the people according to the research.

There are many ways to know our brain function, how smart we are and how stupid we are. Some of the way include reading and doing some questionnaire. It is a pain right?, with the technology development nowadays, there exist some Brain Test questionnaire which camouflage as a game.

I think, it is a really fun way to know whether your brain functionality is above average or you are just stupid. So you could improve yourself by playing this game.

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Play the Fun, Neuroscience-Based Games of Peak, the Brain Training App that Helps You Track and Challenge Your Cognitive Skills.

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Peak is a game which let you know your brain functionality based on your score in a game and exercise your brain function.

Before you begin Playing this “Game” you need to sign up first, it is an easy task and will take no more than a minute of your life. Which even I could do.

With your sign up begin you will choose what kind of Exercise you want. You can choose Focus, Memory, Language, Problem Solving, Mental Agility and Emotion. For the free version there is about 4 game from all 36 game which you can choose from.

What do you expect, you pay nothing and expect the game to unlock all thing? Impossible nothing is free you know.

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Anyway, the game itself have some types that you can choose based on what you choose at first, language, problem solving, focus, Emotion, and memory. Each game will assess your brain function in each type on the score that based on how well you play the game.

For example the first game I play is Word Fresh which is a type of language program. The game let’s you exercise your ability to recall words, and exercises your ability to temporary hold information in the memory as such it will assess two thing in this game, which is language and memory. After the game, it will let you know your worth. After 3 games or so, in each type you will know how well your brain function in a graph form.

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This is a really fun game / Quiz. The game not only let you improve yourself but also has a feature called training reminder. It will remind you to play this game, at a time and day you yourself choose. As a regular training, it will help you sharpen up faster. Before you want to upgrade this app to a pro one, we suggest you try this game for a week or more, so that you can know is it worthed or not.

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Peak – Your Own Personal Education Coach
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